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Books Reviewed in LGBT Fiction

Book Review

Fo's Baby

Childless women who feel their stereotypical biological clock ticking make frequent appearances in fiction, often in a romantic context. Set in Athens, Greece, Fo’s Baby... Read More

Book Review

All Over Him

Will Barnett’s family has sold their farm in rural New Mexico and moved to Austin, Texas. Will, in his freshman year at the University of Texas, is sharing an apartment with... Read More

Book Review

Finding Faith

Taylor Connolly returns home early to his city condo after winning a huge settlement for his client (and a large fee for himself) in a high-profile sexual harassment case. He... Read More

Book Review


Will Barnett’s father has recently died, leaving Will in charge of the Barnett family farm in rural New Mexico at the tender age of eighteen. Just two days before the death,... Read More

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