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Books Reviewed in Young Adult Fiction

Book Review


“Never keep secrets from your parents. Trust your parents with everything.” In the town of Candor, Florida, secrets and trust-however blind it may be-rule all its residents.... Read More

Book Review


After the wild success of Eragon, teen writers seem to be the new sensation in fantasy fiction. Thirteen-year-old Running River is the latest voice in the cacophonous genre,... Read More

Book Review


William Manchee’s Tarizon: The Liberator (Book One of the Tarizon Trilogy) (Top Publications, 978-1-929976-48-5) follows a civil war between a malevolent totalitarian world... Read More

Book Review


In Shifty (Tricycle Press, 978-1-58246-257-8), Lynn E. Hazen’s title character (call him Soli, please) is a pragmatically adaptable foster child of fifteen who roams San... Read More

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