Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2021 Foreword INDIES Winners

Editor's Choice

Nazaré (978-1-62963-908-6) by JJ Amaworo Wilson, PM Press
A Salad Only the Devil Would Eat (978-1-59714-545-9) by Charles Hood, Heyday

Adult Fiction

A Spell of Rowans (978-1-954811-01-0) by Byrd Nash, Rook and Castle
The Serpent and the Swan (978-1-73631-900-0) by Ashland Pym, Night Sea Press
Miss Bennet's Dragon (978-1-73666-291-5) Acerbic Press
House of Bastiion (978-1-73546-060-4) Rogue Kite Publishing
Faron Goss (978-1-950584-51-2) Green Writers Press
Drowned Town (978-1-950564-15-6) by Jayne Moore Waldrop, University Press of Kentucky
My Famous Brain (978-1-64742-205-9) by Diane Wald, She Writes Press
The Book of Otto and Liam (978-1-946448-76-7) by Paul Griner, Sarabande Books
Where Madness Lies (978-1-78904-460-7) by Sylvia True, Top Hat Books
A Small Hotel (978-1-73726-495-8) by Suanne Laqueur, Cathedral Rock Press
Dovetails in Tall Grass (978-1-68463-093-6) by Samantha Specks, SparkPress
To Zenzi (978-1-936970-69-8) by Robert L. Shuster, New Issues Press
A History of Saints (978-1-945049-19-4) Shadelandhouse Modern Press
Em's Awful Good Fortune (978-1-64742-142-7) by Marcie Maxfield, She Writes Press
The Cupid Chronicles (978-1-73771-220-6) Apricot Springs Publishing
The Wasteland (978-1-64630-042-6) by Harper Jameson and W.A.W. Parker (contributor), Level 4 Press
The Clinch (978-1-63555-820-3) by Nicole Disney, Bold Strokes Books
Spirit of the Law (978-1-63555-766-4) by Carsen Taite, Bold Strokes Books
Doubting Thomas (978-1-61294-199-8) by Matthew Clark Davison, Amble Press
These Bones (978-1-941360-55-2) by Kayla Chenault, Lanternfish Press
From the Caves (978-1-63628-002-8) by Thea Prieto, Red Hen Press
Instructor (978-1-55081-866-6) Breakwater Books Ltd.
House Number 12 Block Number 3 (978-1-73541-457-7) by Sana Balagamwala, Hidden Shelf Publishing House
My Good Son (978-1-60801-201-5) by Yang Huang, The University of New Orleans Press
These Americans (978-1-950811-06-9) by Jyotsna Sreenivasan, Minerva Rising
Hope Valley (978-1-949290-59-2) by Haviva Ner-David, Bedazzled Ink Publishing, LLC
Shadow Music (978-1-60809-450-9) by Helaine Mario, Oceanview Publishing
Murder at Greysbridge (978-1-60809-428-8) by Andrea Carter, Oceanview Publishing
Death of a Messenger (978-1-60809-403-5) by Robert McCaw, Oceanview Publishing
10 Days (978-1-950627-36-3) Pandamoon
Windfall (978-1-77532-260-3) Shima Kun Press
Roots of Wood and Stone (978-0-8254-4668-9) by Amanda Wen, Kregel Publications
Sugar Birds (978-1-64742-068-0) by Cheryl Grey Bostrom, She Writes Press
The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady (978-0-8254-4702-0) by Sharon J. Mondragón, Kregel Publications
The Image (978-0-8253-0976-2) by Steven Faulkner, Beaufort Books
Daughter of the Salt King (978-0-7443-0391-9) by A. S. Thornton, CamCat Books
Husband Auditions (978-0-8254-4710-5) by Angela Ruth Strong, Kregel Publications
Isabelle and Alexander (978-1-62972-847-6) by Rebecca Anderson, Shadow Mountain Publishing
A Proper Scoundrel (978-1-5244-1698-0) by Esther Hatch, Covenant Communications
The Husband Plot (978-1-73438-135-1) by Katherine Grant, Amazon KDP
Science Fiction
The Original Glitch (978-1-941360-59-0) by Melanie Moyer, Lanternfish Press
Vicarious (978-1-949890-72-3) Aethon Books
How Icasia Bloom Touched Happiness (978-1-925965-60-5) by Jessica Bell, Vine Leaves Press
Sea Wolf (978-1-61294-201-8) by Anna Burke, Bywater Books
Short Stories
Radium Girl (978-1-989496-26-8) by Sofi Papamarko, Wolsak and Wynn Publishers
Tales the Devil Told Me (978-1-950413-32-4) by Jen Fawkes, Press 53
Big Bad (978-1-946448-72-9) by Whitney Collins, Sarabande Books
Danged Black Thing (978-1-925760-84-2) by Eugen Bacon, Transit Lounge Publishing
Echo Tree (978-1-56689-607-8) by Henry Dumas, Coffee House Press
Thriller & Suspense
The Quiet People (978-1-913193-94-2) by Paul Cleave, Orenda Books
Paradise, WV (978-1-68442-670-6) by Rob Rufus, Keylight Books
The Necklace (978-1-60809-458-5) by Matt Witten, Oceanview Publishing
Crickets (978-1-951796-07-5) by Lee Chappel, Bleau Press
War & Military
To Zenzi (978-1-936970-69-8) by Robert L. Shuster, New Issues Press
Silence (978-1-944762-88-9) Islandport Press
A Mother's Tale & Other Stories (978-1-949540-23-9) C&R Press
Edge of Armageddon (978-1-950154-71-5) The Sager Group

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure, Sports & Recreation
The Least Among Them (978-1-951122-16-4) by Paul Russell Semendinger, Artemesia Publishing
The Fein Points of Tennis (978-1-60679-547-7) Coaches Choice
America's Great Forest Trails: 100 Woodland Hikes of a Lifetime (978-0-8478-6757-8) Rizzoli New York
Alone in Wonderland (978-1-73484-180-0) Rugged Outdoors Woman
Kay Nielsen (978-0-87846-880-5) MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
David Driskell: Icons of Nature and History (978-0-8478-6992-3) Rizzoli Electa
Toyin Ojih Odutola (978-0-8478-7067-7) Rizzoli Electa
Fabric of a Nation (978-0-87846-876-8) MFA Publications
Autobiography & Memoir
The Sensitive One (978-1-64742-161-8) by Susan Frances Morris, She Writes Press
Cotton Teeth (978-0-578-33186-7) by Glenn Rockowitz, Harper & Case
Supremely Tiny Acts (978-0-8142-5804-0) Ohio State University Press
Safecracker (978-1-4930-5851-8) Lyons Press
Dracul: Of the Father (978-1-59211-027-8) by A. K. Brackob, Gaudium Publishing
William Still (978-0-268-20036-7) by William C. Kashatus, University of Notre Dame Press
Eunice Hunton Carter (978-0-8232-9373-5) Fordham University Press
The Life and Times of Jo Mora (978-1-4236-5735-4) by Peter Hiller, Gibbs Smith Books
Body, Mind & Spirit
Practical Mindfulness (978-1-66610-460-8) by Greg Sazima, Mango
The Seeker and the Monk (978-1-5064-6496-1) Broadleaf Books
Vibrant (978-1-950665-82-2) by Stacie Stephenson, BenBella Books
Nine Perfect Petals (978-1-73667-670-7) by Angela M Rosenberg, Inside Out Publishing
Business & Economics
21st Century Investing (978-1-5230-9107-2) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
The Energy Switch (978-1-63388-666-7) Prometheus
Connected Capitalism (978-1-4875-0842-5) University of Toronto Press
Trustworthy (978-1-989603-92-5) by Margot Bloomstein, Page Two Books
The Career Toolkit (978-0-9601007-4-3) Cognosco Media, LLC
Launch Your Career (978-1-5230-9268-0) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Workquake (978-1-64543-426-9) by Steve Cadigan, Amplify Publishing
Dream Bold, Start Smart (978-1-77458-003-5) by Tatiana Tsoir, Page Two
52 Shabbats (978-1-951412-18-0) by Faith Kramer, The Collective Book Studio
The Twisted Soul Cookbook (978-0-8478-6969-5) Rizzoli New York
The Forager Chef's Book of Flora (978-1-60358-948-2) by Alan Bergo, Chelsea Green Publishing
Kevin Belton's Cookin' Louisiana (978-1-4236-5838-2) by Kevin Belton and Monica Belton (contributor), Gibbs Smith Books
Ecology & Environment
The Science of Hope (978-1-925820-64-5) Exisle Publishing
In Search of Mycotopia (978-1-60358-979-6) by Doug Bierend, Chelsea Green Publishing
Dead Serious (978-1-948814-40-9) by Eli J. Knapp, Torrey House Press
Eating Wild Japan (978-1-61172-061-7) Stone Bridge Press
The Metacognitive Student (978-1-951075-03-3) by Richard K. Cohen, Deanne Kildare Opatosky, James Savage, Susan Olsen Stevens, and Edward P. Darrah, Solution Tree Press
Colour Matters (978-1-4875-2631-3) University of Toronto Press
Higher Education for Democracy (978-1-4384-8449-5) by William G. Tierney, SUNY Press
Capturing the Classroom (978-1-952812-05-7) by Ellen I. Linnihan, Solution Tree Press
Mortality, with Friends (978-0-8143-4874-1) by Fleda Brown, Wayne State University Press
The Rock Cycle (978-0-8263-6243-8) by Kevin Honold, University of New Mexico Press
Funeral for Flaca (978-1-892061-87-4) by Emilly Prado, Future Tense Books
A Harp in the Stars (978-1-4962-1774-5) by Randon Billings Noble (editor), University of Nebraska Press
Family & Relationships
Grow Wild (978-1-943370-16-0) by Katy Bowman, Propriometrics Press
When Your Child Has a Chronic Medical Illness (978-1-4338-3381-6) APA LifeTools
Navigating Your Later Years For Dummies: Portable Edition (978-1-119-80984-5) Wiley
Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Teenager (979-845348670-0) Difference Press
Authentic Power (978-1-951412-32-6) by Ashley Bernardi, The Collective Book Studio
Dead Lines (978-0-87020-966-6) by George Hesselberg, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Grief Doodling (978-1-60808-252-0) by Harriet Hodgson, WriteLife
The Burning Light of Two Stars (978-1-954854-16-1) by Laura Davis, Girl Friday Books
Pain Erasers (978-1-953295-51-4) by Michelle Schoffro Cook, BenBella Books
The Business of Botanicals (978-1-60358-748-8) by Ann Armbrecht, Chelsea Green Publishing
Unfunc Your Gut (978-1-947708-89-1) Citrine Publishing
Damaged (978-1-4875-2834-8) University of Toronto Press
A Second Reckoning (978-1-64012-465-3) by Scott D. Seligman, Potomac Books (University of Nebraska Press)
Mud Sweeter than Honey (978-1-63206-283-3) by Margo Rejmer, Antonia Lloyd-Jones (translator), and Zosia Krasodomska-Jones (translator), Restless Books
Unsettling Canada (978-1-77113-556-6) by Arthur Manuel, Ronald M. Derrickson, Naomi Klein (contributor), Nicole Schabus (contributor), and Kanahus Manuel (contributor), Between the Lines
Black Snake (978-1-4962-2266-4) Bison Books
Hobbies & Home
Woodturning with Resin (978-1-950934-42-3) by Keith Lackner, Cedar Lane Press
Geometric Knit Blankets (978-0-8117-3868-2) Stackpole Books
Knit Hats with Woolly Wormhead (978-0-8117-3967-2) Stackpole Books
Fast Funny Women (978-1-949116-20-5) Woodhall Press
Blimey, I'm Knackered! (978-1-945501-49-4) by Marshall Hall and Mark Cowie (illustrator), Imbrifex Books
A Few Words about Words (978-0-8253-0947-2) by Joseph Diorio, Beaufort Books
Antiman (978-1-63206-280-2) by Rajiv Mohabir, Restless Books
What Wasn't I Thinking? (978-1-63760-363-5) by Sebastian Stuart, Querelle Press
How We Do Family (978-1-61519-756-9) The Experiment
Self, Divided (978-0-9961952-7-0) by John Medeiros, Howling Bird Press
California Indian Basketry (978-1-941384-52-7) by Wayne A. Thompson and Eugene S. Meieran, Sunbelt Publications
What Was Said to Me (978-0-7726-7938-3) Royal BC Museum
Beyond Diversity (978-1-64687-051-6) by Rohit Bhargava and Jennifer Brown, IdeaPress Publishing
Stories from Palestine (978-0-268-20033-6) by Marda Dunsky, University of Notre Dame Press
On the Roof of the Rocky Mountains (978-1-4236-6011-8) Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
A Shape in the Dark (978-1-68051-309-7) by Bjorn Dihle, Mountaineers Books
Waves and Beaches (978-1-938340-95-6) Patagonia
Bears (978-1-4236-5879-5) by Julie Argyle (photographer), Gibbs Smith Books
Performing Arts & Music
Have Chignon—Will Travel (978-1-950385-63-8) by Elizabeth Dale Phillips, W. Brand Publishing
When the Lights Are Bright Again (978-1-4930-6659-9) Applause
Something in the Water (978-0-88146-802-1) by Ben Wynne, Mercer University Press
Monologues for Adults (978-1-953057-06-8) by Mike Kimmel, Ben Rose Creative Arts
Seasons of Ceremonies: Rites and Rituals in Guatemala and Mexico (978-0-89013-668-3) by William M Frej (photographer), Frine Castillo Badillo (contributor), Gary Gossen (contributor), Nicolasa Chavez (contributor), Anne Frej (contributor), and Ted Coyle (contributor), Museum of New Mexico Press
Wild Spaces and Unique Places (978-1-4236-5876-4) by Ryan Jeffery (photographer), Gibbs Smith Books
Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens (978-1-79236-481-5) Todd & Brad Reed Photography, LLC.
Liquid Horizon: Meditations on the Surf and Sea (978-0-8478-6996-1) Rizzoli New York
Political and Social Sciences
Freedom (978-1-61519-890-0) The Experiment
How to Talk to a Science Denier (978-0-262-04610-7) by Lee McIntyre, The MIT Press
Faith, Nationalism, and the Future of Liberal Democracy (978-0-268-20060-2) by David M. Elcott, C. Colt Anderson, Tobias Cremer, and Volker Haarmann, The University of Notre Dame Press
Bad Faith (978-0-8028-7934-9) by Randall Balmer, Eerdmans
Intimate Inequalities (978-1-978823-89-1) Rutgers University Press
Popular Culture
Up Against the Wall (978-1-939125-78-1) by Donald Albrecht (contributor), Jessica Lacher-Feldman (contributor), and William M. Valenti (contributor), RIT Press
The Art of Oz (978-0-7893-4101-3) Universe Publishing
Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan (978-1-63405-918-3) Mercuria Press
Visual/Language (978-1-938086-84-7) George F. Thompson Publishing
Blimey, I'm Knackered! (978-1-945501-49-4) by Marshall Hall and Mark Cowie (illustrator), Imbrifex Books
Marijuana Hater's Guide to Making a Billion Dollars from Hemp (978-1-73567-470-4) by Matthew Harmon, Farmbridge, Inc
Seven Drafts (978-1-949116-45-8) Woodhall Press
Battle Carried (978-1-943492-57-2) by Michael A. Bortner, Elm Grove Publishing
Preserving Los Angeles (978-1-62640-075-7) Angel City Press
Private Gardens of the Pacific Northwest (978-1-4236-5497-1) by Brian Coleman and William Wright (photographer), Gibbs Smith Books
At Home in the Wine Country (978-1-4236-5495-7) by Heather Sandy Hebert and Chase Reynolds Ewald, Gibbs Smith Books
Looking Forward, Giving Back (978-0-87195-458-9) Indiana Historical Society Press
Synagogues: Marvels of Judaism (978-0-8478-6650-2) Rizzoli New York
The Eye of the Heart (978-1-936597-70-3) World Wisdom Books
Pointing to the Pasturelands (978-1-68359-543-4) by J.I. Packer, Lexham Press
Saint Hildegard (978-1-64742-181-6) by Susan Garthwaite, She Writes Press
Science & Technology
Present Future (978-1-73542-451-4) Fast Company Press
Unsettled (978-1-950665-79-2) by Steven E. Koonin, BenBella Books
SuperSight (978-1-950665-80-8) by David Rose, BenBella Books
Nature of Drugs (978-0-9995472-1-2) by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin, Synergetic Press
Breakthrough: How to Overcome Doubt, Fear, and Resistance to Be Your Ultimate Creative Self (978-1-945654-88-6) by Todd Mitchell, Owl Hollow Press
Self-Care for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents (978-1-68403-982-1) New Harbinger Publications
Beware False Tigers (978-0-9851263-2-2) by Frank Forencich, Exuberant Animal
Financial Planning Literacy (978-1-73676-164-9) Frog Hollow Press
Welcome Back to Abuja Once Again (978-1-63676-411-5) by Carol J. Yee, New Degree Press
A Sports Fan's Guide to Route 66 (978-1-945501-73-9) Imbrifex Books
A September to Remember (978-1-63152-727-2) by Carole Bumpus, She Writes Press
A Ranger's Guide to Yellowstone Day Hikes (978-1-56037-778-8) Farcountry Press
War & Military
Zero-Sum Victory (978-0-8131-5276-9) by Christopher D. Kolenda, University Press of Kentucky
Why We Fought (978-1-62972-934-3) Shadow Mountain Publishing
Admirals Under Fire (978-1-68283-089-5) Texas Tech University Press
100 Days in Vietnam (978-1-64663-257-2) by Joseph F. Tallon and Matthew A. Tallon, Koehler Books
Women's Studies
Bent out of Shape (978-1-77113-541-2) by Karen Messing, Between the Lines
The Rights of Women (978-0-268-20082-4) by Erika Bachiochi, University of Notre Dame Press
The Girl Who Dared to Defy (978-0-8061-6849-4) University of Oklahoma Press


Juvenile Fiction
The Beatryce Prophecy (978-1-5362-1361-4) by Kate DiCamillo and Sophie Blackall (illustrator), Candlewick
Tiger Skin Rug (978-1-60945-720-4) by Joan Haig, Europa Editions
Oddity (978-1-5362-0851-1) by Eli Brown and Karin Rytter (illustrator), Walker Books US
The Undercover Book List (978-1-77278-187-8) by Colleen Nelson, Pajama Press
Juvenile Nonfiction
National Parks Maps (978-1-4236-5378-3) by Abby Leighton, Gibbs Smith Books
That They Lived (978-0-8143-4754-6) by Rochelle Riley and Cristi Smith-Jones, Wayne State University Press
A Curious Collection of Dangerous Creatures (978-1-61519-824-5) The Experiment
Water (978-1-64686-280-1) by Christy Mihaly and Mariona Cabassa (illustrator), Barefoot Books
Picture Books
Moose's Book Bus (978-1-5362-1767-4) by Inga Moore, Candlewick
Family Reunion (978-1-64686-218-4) by Chad Richardson, Dad Richardson, and Ashleigh Corrin (illustrator), Barefoot Books
R is for Rainbow (978-1-942155-39-3) by Kim Ferreira, Peter E. Randall Publisher
A Sky-Blue Bench (978-1-77278-222-6) by Bahram Rahman and Peggy Collins (illustrator), Pajama Press
Picture Books, Early Reader
189 Canaries (978-0-8028-5574-9) by Dieter Böge, Elsa Klever (illustrator), and Laura Watkinson (translator), Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Nothing (978-1-73335-484-4) by Michael Molinet (author, illustrator), Notable Kids Publishing
Einstein (978-0-7358-4444-5) by Torben Kuhlmann, NorthSouth Books
Jayden's Impossible Garden (978-1-63198-590-4) by Mélina Mangal and Ken Daley (illustrator), Free Spirit Publishing
Young Adult Fiction
Tink and Wendy (978-1-953103-13-0) by Kelly Ann Jacobson, Three Rooms Press
How It Happens (978-0-8143-4869-7) by Jean Alicia Elster, Wayne State University Press
Fat Angie (978-1-5362-0839-9) by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo, Candlewick
Needlework (978-1-953103-07-9) by Julia Watts, Three Rooms Press


The Best Peace Fiction (978-0-8263-6303-9) by Robert Olen Butler (editor) and Phong Nguyen (editor), University of New Mexico Press
Tongues (978-1-77166-714-2) by Ayelet Tsabari (editor), Eufemia Fantetti (editor), and Leonarda Carranza (editor), Book*hug Press
When You Hear Me (You Hear Us) (978-1-950807-34-5) by Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop, Shout Mouse Press
Dispatches from Anarres (978-1-942436-48-5) Forest Avenue Press
Coffee Table Books
Our National Monuments (978-1-73357-607-9) by QT Luong, Ian Shive (contributor), and Sally Jewell (contributor), Terra Galleria Press
A Country No More (978-1-938086-80-9) George F. Thompson Publishing
California Indian Basketry (978-1-941384-52-7) by Wayne A. Thompson and Eugene S. Meieran, Sunbelt Publications
Graphic Novels & Comics
Catalogue Baby (978-1-989603-64-2) by Myriam Steinberg, Page Two Books
Four-Fisted Tales (978-1-68247-416-7) by Ben Towle, Dead Reckoning
The King of Bangkok (978-1-4875-2641-2) University of Toronto Press
Stone Fruit (978-1-68396-426-1) by Lee Lai, Fantagraphics Books
The Grimms Town Terror Tales: Rise of the Candy Creeper (978-1-73328-216-1) by Neo Edmund and Renae DeLiz (illustrator), Storm King Comics
A Vertigo Book (978-1-944585-52-5) The Word Works
All Morning the Crows (978-1-944585-44-0) The Word Works
Her Read (978-1-68003-228-4) by Jennifer Sperry Steinorth and Eleanor Wilner (contributor), Texas Review Press
Danzirly (978-0-8165-4233-8) by Gloria Muñoz, University of Arizona Press