Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2017 Foreword INDIES Winners

Editor's Choice

The End We Start From (978-0-8021-2689-4) by Megan Hunter, Grove Press
The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen (978-0-8166-9979-7) by Sean Sherman and Beth Dooley, University of Minnesota Press

Adult Fiction

Covet (978-1-62649-627-9) Riptide Publishing
Her Best Friend's Sister (978-1-62639-861-0) by Meghan O'Brien, Bold Strokes Books
The Master Will Appear (978-1-943426-53-9) Self-Published
Snapdragon (978-0-9857983-5-2) by Kilby Blades, Luxe Publishing
The Infinite Now (978-1-943006-34-2) by Mindy Tarquini, SparkPress
The Rite of Wands (978-1-946006-43-1) by Mackenzie Flohr, BHC Press
Shadow Mountain (978-1-937356-46-0) by Tess Collins, BearCat Press
The 53rd Card (978-1-59298-815-0) by Virginia Weiss, Richard L. Goettling (illustrator), and James Monroe (designer), Beaver's Pond Press
The Runaway (978-1-78264-242-8) by Claire Wong, Lion Fiction
Ash Falls (978-1-63246-047-9) by Warren Read, Ig Publishing
Our Tiny Useless Hearts (978-1-925355-45-1) by Toni Jordan, Text Publishing
Red River (978-1-5320-2333-0) by Bob Guess, iUniverse
A Bit of Candy in Hard Times (978-1-987857-86-3) by Blaine Beveridge, Promontory Press
Botticelli's Muse (978-0-9981316-0-3) by Dorah Blume, Juiceboxartists Press
Liar's Winter (978-0-8254-4453-1) by Cindy K. Sproles, Kregel Publications
Windigo Moon (978-1-943075-36-2) by Robert Downes, Blank Slate Press
Habitat for Human Remains (978-1-60381-627-4) by Scott A. Lerner, Camel Press
The Muse (978-1-5483-2267-0) by Arjay Lewis, Arjay Entertainment
Blackwell (978-1-944109-24-0) by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor, Vesuvian Books
A Debt of Survival (978-1-4787-4303-3) by L.F. Falconer, Outskirts Press
MAD Librarian (978-0-9972055-2-7) by Michael Guillebeau, Madison Press
Lying to Children (978-0-9977965-2-0) Fitzwilde LLC
Muir Woods or Bust (978-1-60381-597-0) by Ian Woollen, Coffeetown Press
Don Quixote and Candide Seek Truth, Justice, and El Dorado in the Digital Age (978-1-63554-041-3) by Stefan Soto, W & B Publishers
The Moskowitz Code (978-0-9862580-4-6) by Joel Bresler, Tasfil Publishing
Back to You (978-1-62649-575-3) by Chris Scully, Riptide Publishing
The Winter Loon (978-0-9977406-0-8) by Lori Henriksen, Book Savvy Studio (editor), and Maggie McLaughlin (designer), Cougar Creek Books
The Night Language (978-1-945572-48-7) by David Rocklin, Rare Bird Books
Bend (978-1-62649-551-7) by Nancy J. Hedin, May Peterson (editor), and Rachel Haimowitz (editor), Anglerfish Press
Beulah Land (978-1-945053-45-0) by Nancy Stewart, Duet Books
Show Her a Flower, a Bird, a Shadow (978-0-9988014-4-5) by Peg Alford Pursell, WTAW Press
Cages (978-1-943156-18-4) by Sylvia Torti, Schaffner Press
The Lost Daughter Collective (978-1-941088-73-9) by Lindsey Drager, Dzanc
Queen of Spades (978-1-942436-31-7) by Michael Shou-Yung Shum, Forest Avenue Press
The Hour of Daydreams (978-1-942436-27-0) by Renee Macalino Rutledge, Forest Avenue Press
So Many Olympic Exertions (978-1-885030-35-1) Kaya Press
Murder under the Fig Tree (978-1-63152-274-1) by Kate Jessica Raphael, She Writes Press
The Shores of Our Souls (978-1-946920-03-4) by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger and Estella Vukovic (designer), TouchPoint Press
Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik (978-1-77186-124-3) by Carolyn Marie Souaid, Baraka Books
Sing for the Dead (978-1-62134-400-1) by Cynthia Drew, Water Street Press Books
Heaven's Crooked Finger (978-1-68331-391-5) by Hank Early, Crooked Lane Books
Getting off on Frank Sinatra (978-0-9972369-0-3) by Megan Edwards, Imbrifex Books
Full Service Blonde (978-1-945501-00-5) by Megan Edwards, Imbrifex Books
Tune Up (978-1-941156-06-3) by Joe Klingler, Cartosi
Waiting for Butterflies (978-1-940442-20-4) by Karen Sargent, Amphorae Publishing Group
If We Make It Home (978-0-8254-4495-1) by Christina Suzann Nelson, Kregel Publications
Love Big, Be Well (978-0-8028-7413-9) by Winn Collier, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
The Elusive Miss Ellison (978-0-8254-4450-0) by Carolyn Miller, Kregel Publications
The Nobleman's Daughter (978-1-5244-0429-1) by Jen Geigle Johnson, Covenant Communications
The Curse of the Braddock Brides (978-1-940442-18-1) by Erica Obey, Walrus Publishing
Shelter My Heart (978-0-9970623-2-8) by L.G. O'Connor, Collins-Young Publishing
All That Makes Life Bright (978-1-62972-341-9) by Josi S. Kilpack, Shadow Mountain
Strings (978-1-945501-03-6) by Megan Edwards, Imbrifex Books
Science Fiction
The Punch Escrow (978-1-942645-58-0) by Tal M. Klein, Geek & Sundry
Dog Logic (978-0-9985073-2-3) by Tom Strelich, Owl Canyon Press
Hell Divers II: Ghosts (978-1-5047-2601-6) Blackstone Publishing
Caveman at the End of the World (978-0-692-88431-7) by Brad Rau, SmallPub
Fata Morgana (978-1-5047-5744-7) Blackstone Publishing
Short Stories
The Museum of Possibilities (978-0-88984-400-1) by Barbara Sibbald, Porcupine's Quill
To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts (978-1-944388-06-5) by Caitlin Hamilton Summie, Fomite Press
Annie Muktuk and Other Stories (978-1-77212-297-8) by Norma Dunning, The University of Alberta Press
Dolph the Unicorn Killer & Other Stories (978-0-9857043-3-9) by Martin Lastrapes, Cannibal Press
Thriller & Suspense
Inside V (978-1-945572-07-4) by Paula Priamos, Rare Bird Books
Blood Truth (978-1-60809-239-0) by Matt Coyle, Oceanview Publishing
Come Home (978-1-60809-259-8) by Patricia Gussin, Oceanview Publishing
Do Not Ask (978-1-5439-1043-8) by Elaine Williams Crockett, BookBaby
Give Up the Dead (978-1-60809-204-8) by Joe Clifford, Oceanview Publishing
War & Military
The General's Women (978-0-9892035-9-3) by Susan Wittig Albert, Persevero Press
The Trumpets of Jericho (978-0-9987008-0-9) by J. Michael Dolan, Monochrome Books
The Chords of War (978-0-9863265-2-3) by Christopher Meeks and Samuel Gonzalez, Jr., White Whisker Books
Seven Wings to Glory (978-1-60381-599-4) by Kathleen M. Rodgers, Camel Press
Wickwythe Hall (978-1-62694-679-8) by Judithe Little, Black Opal Books

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Base Camp Las Vegas (978-0-9972369-4-1) by Deborah Wall, Imbrifex Books
Sea Trials (978-0-9848350-3-4) by Wendy Hinman, Salsa Press
True North (978-0-9989485-0-8) by Lou Marincovich, Bering Press
The Dragon Run (978-1-77212-300-5) by Tony Robinson-Smith, University of Alberta Press
Mosques (978-0-8478-6035-7) Rizzoli
Designing Detroit (978-0-8143-3979-4) by Michael G. Smith, Wayne State University Press
100 Midcentury Chairs (978-1-4236-4672-3) by Lucy Rider Richardson, Gibbs Smith
Creating Biophilic Buildings (978-0-9972368-3-5) by Amanda Sturgeon, Ecotone Publishing
The Detroit Public Library (978-0-8143-4232-9) by Barbara Madgy Cohn and Patrice Rafail Merritt, Wayne State University Press
Chip Kidd: Book Two (978-0-8478-6008-1) Rizzoli New York
The Art of Mondo (978-1-60887-806-2) Insight Editions
Monograph by Chris Ware (978-0-8478-6088-3) Rizzoli New York
Botanical Visions (978-0-7649-7766-4) by Julie Sasse and MF Cardamone (illustrator), Pomegranate
Autobiography & Memoir
This Is Just My Face (978-0-544-78676-9) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Necessary to Life (978-1-944934-13-2) by Louisa Leontiades, Thorntree Press
Self-Portrait with Dogwood (978-1-59534-809-8) by Christopher Merrill, Trinity University Press
Hummingbird (978-1-945572-59-3) by Jude Angelini, Rare Bird Books
Maximum Volume (978-1-61373-189-5) by Kenneth Womack, Chicago Review Press
Through a Long Absence (978-0-8142-5424-0) by Joy Passanante, Mad Creek Books/The Ohio State University Press
Jackie Robinson (978-0-664-26203-7) by Michael G. Long and Chris Lamb, Westminster John Knox Press
A Mother's Tale (978-0-8142-1331-5) by Phillip Lopate, The Ohio State University Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
The Ayurveda Way (978-1-61212-818-4) by Ananta Ripa Ajmera, Storey Publishing
Spirit of the Earth (978-1-936597-54-3) by Michael O. Fitzgerald and Joseph A. Fitzgerald, World Wisdom
Healing Civilizations (978-1-944903-09-1) by Nadim Shaath, Cameron and Company
I've Decided to Live 120 Years (978-1-935127-99-4) by Ilchi Lee, Best Life Media
The Yogi Diet (978-0-692-77599-8) by James Morgante and Richard Smoley (contributor)
Business & Economics
Wealth by Virtue (978-0-692-76915-7) by Chad Gordon, GreenStar Press
Humility Is the New Smart (978-1-62656-875-4) by Edward D. Hess and Katherine Ludwig, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Plan Commit Win (978-0-692-86812-6) by Patrick Henry, QuestFusion Publishing
Pacing for Growth (978-1-62656-817-4) by Alison Eyring, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Set for Life (978-0-9975847-1-4) by Scott Trench, BiggerPockets Publishing
Ask Outrageously! (978-1-5230-8271-1) by Linda Swindling, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
The Academic Gateway (978-0-7766-2437-2) by Timothy Sibbald (editor) and Victoria Handford (editor), University of Ottawa Press
Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Health...and Pays the Bills Updated Edition (978-1-119-36332-3) by Kerry Hannon, Wiley
Always Eat Left Handed (978-1-940858-27-2) by Rohit Bhargava, Ideapress Publishing
Coloring Books
Enchanting Mandala Mazes (978-1-942021-46-9) by Elizabeth Carpenter (author, illustrator) and Aurélie Ronfaut (illustrator), Get Creative 6
Twilight Garden (978-1-4236-4706-5) by Maria Trolle (illustrator), Gibbs Smith
Inkspirations Mindful Living (978-0-7573-1965-5) HCI Books
Color Your Way Content (978-0-7573-2002-6) HIC Books
The Historical Heroines Coloring Book (978-0-9979098-9-0) by Elizabeth Lorayne, Michael D. Barton (editor), and Kendra Shedenhelm (illustrator), White Wave Press
Recipes from the Herbalist's Kitchen (978-1-61212-690-6) by Brittany Wood Nickerson, Storey Publishing
Cooking with the Wolfman (978-1-77162-163-2) by David Wolfman and Marlene Finn, Douglas & McIntyre
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...Life! (978-0-8478-5997-9) Rizzoli New York
Crafts & Hobbies
Journal Sparks (978-1-61212-652-4) by Emily K. Neuburger, Storey Publishing
Stitching Pathways (978-1-935726-93-7) by Wendy Sheppard, Landauer Publishing
Mosaic & Lace Knits (978-0-8117-1677-2) by Barbara Benson, Stackpole Books
Ecology & Environment
Malama Honua (978-1-938340-69-7) by Jennifer Allen, John Bilderback (photographer), and Desmond Tutu (contributor), Patagonia
A Temporary Refuge (978-1-938340-67-3) by Lee Spencer, Patagonia
Being the Change (978-0-86571-853-1) by Peter Kalmus, New Society Publishers
One Man's Maine (978-0-9982604-2-6) by Jim Krosschell, Green Writers Press
Megafire (978-0-547-79208-8) HMH
The Green Amendment (978-1-63331-021-6) by Maya K. van Rossum and Mark Ruffalo (contributor), Disruption Books
Beyond Testing (978-0-8077-5852-6) by Deborah Meier and Matthew Knoester, Teachers College Press
When the Adults Change, Everything Changes (978-1-78135-273-1) by Paul Dix, Independent Thinking Press
The Complete IEP Guide (978-1-4133-2385-6) by Lawrence M. Siegel, NOLO
The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook (978-1-78135-268-7) by Jim Smith, Independent Thinking Press
The Long Weeping (978-0-9964397-5-6) by Jessie van Eerden, Orison Books
Pain Woman Takes Your Keys and Other Essays from a Nervous System (978-0-8032-9991-7) by Sonya Huber, University of Nebraska Press
A Man's World: Portraits (978-0-88146-618-8) by Steve Oney, Mercer University Press
Accidental Gravity (978-0-87071-887-8) by Bernard Quetchenbach, Oregon State University Press
Flutterpoint (978-0-9906333-2-7) by Erik Anderson, Zone 3 Press
Family & Relationships
The Place of Peace and Crickets (978-1-940189-18-5) by Tricia Booker, Twisted Road Publications
The Stuff of Family Life (978-1-4422-5479-4) by Michelle Janning, Rowman & Littlefield
Come to Life! (978-0-9768222-7-1) by Thomas W. Iland and Emily D. Iland, Porterville Press
Lost in the Reflecting Pool (978-1-63152-268-0) by Diane Pomerantz, She Writes Press
The Happiest Kids in the World (978-1-61519-390-5) The Experiment Publishing
A Friend Indeed (978-0-9896280-5-1) by Amy Florian and Ken Florian (contributor), Corgenius
Breaking Sad (978-1-63152-242-0) by Shelly Fisher (editor) and Jennifer Jones (editor), She Writes Press
Resilient Grieving (978-1-61519-375-2) The Experiment Publishing
At Death's Door (978-1-4422-7334-4) by Sebastian Sepulveda and Gini Graham Scott (contributor), Rowman & Littlefield
The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer (978-0-9976619-1-0) by Foreword by Dwight L. McKee MD, CNS, ABIHM (contributor), Jane Thomas Press
The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee (978-0-9730542-3-1) by Ruth DyckFehderau, Cree Board of Health& Social Services of James Bay
The No Meat Athlete Cookbook (978-1-61519-266-3) The Experiment Publishing
Change the Story of Your Health (978-1-84409-716-6) by Carl Greer, Findhorn Press
Move Your DNA (978-1-943370-10-8) by Katy Bowman, Propriometrics Press
The Truth of the Russian Revolution (978-1-4384-6463-3) by Konstantin Ivanovich Globachev, Sofia Nikolaevna Globacheva, and Vladimir G. Marinich (translator), SUNY Press
Beauty in the City (978-1-4384-6641-5) by Robert A. Slayton, Excelsior Editions
A Hero for the Americas (978-0-88977-509-1) by Robert Calder, University of Regina Press
Detroit 1967 (978-0-8143-4303-6) by Joel Stone (editor), Wayne State University Press
Spirit in the Rock (978-0-87422-350-7) by Jim Compton and Bill Stafford (photographer), Washington State University Press
Home & Garden
Welcome to the Farm (978-1-4930-2601-2) by Shaye Elliott, Lyons Press
Homegrown Pantry (978-1-61212-578-7) by Barbara Pleasant, Storey Publishing
The Grumpy Gardener (978-0-8487-5313-9) by Steve Bender, Time Inc. Books
My Smart Home for Seniors (978-0-7897-5989-4) Pearson
The Full English (978-1-68419-792-7) by Bull Garlington, 220 Publishing
A Die Hard Christmas (978-1-60887-976-2) Insight Editions
Fierce, Funny, and Female (978-0-9860067-3-9) by Marti MacGibbon, Stay Strong Publishing
A Doorman's Memoir (978-0-9976202-2-1) by Brent Lymer, Dick Candy Productions
Uncle John's Old Faithful 30th Anniversary Bathroom Reader (978-1-68412-086-4) by Bathroom Readers' Institute, Printers Row Publishing Group
Queer Threads (978-1-62326-105-4) by John Chaich and Todd Oldham (editor), AMMO Books
¡Cuéntamelo! (978-1-879960-94-7) by Juliana Delgado Lopera (editor), Aunt Lute Books
Lesbian Decadence (978-1-939594-20-4) by Nicole Albert, Nancy Erber (translator), and William Peniston (translator), Harrington Park Press
A Sinner in Mecca (978-1-944648-37-4) by Parvez Sharma, BenBella Books
LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care (978-1-939594-14-3) by Kimberly D. Acquaviva, Harrington Park Press
The Good Fight (978-1-4549-2734-1) by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, Against All Odds Productions
Wonder Girls (978-1-57687-822-4) by Paola Gianturco, Alex Sangster, and Foreword by Musimbi Kanyoro, powerHouse Books
Accomplice to Memory (978-1-885030-52-8) by Q. M. Zhang, Kaya Press
The Myth of Equality (978-0-8308-4482-1) by Ken Wytsma, InterVarsity Press
Great Hiking Trails of the World (978-0-8478-6093-7) Rizzoli New York
A Temporary Refuge (978-1-938340-67-3) by Lee Spencer, Patagonia
How to Read Nature (978-1-61519-429-2) The Experiment Publishing
Deep into Yellowstone (978-1-5464-4832-7) by Rick Lamplugh, Rick Lamplugh
Into Africa (978-1-60887-889-5) Insight Editions
Performing Arts & Music
Dolly Parton, Gender, and Country Music (978-0-253-03155-6) by Leigh H. Edwards, Indiana University Press
Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water (978-1-68383-225-6) Insight Editions
Dirty Windshields (978-1-77162-148-9) by Grant Lawrence, Douglas & McIntyre
Blood on the Stage, 1800-1900 (978-1-5381-0617-4) by Amnon Kabatchnik, Rowman & Littlefield
Pets & Animals
Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse (978-1-63152-186-7) by Carlyn Montes De Oca, She Writes Press
How to Speak Chicken (978-1-61212-911-2) by Melissa Caughey, Storey Publishing
Lina Unleashed (978-1-59298-823-5) by Lina and Robin Kelleher, Beaver's Pond Press
Alan Watts - In the Academy (978-1-4384-6555-5) by Alan Watts, Peter J. Columbus (editor), and Donadrian L. Rice (editor), SUNY Press
Edgar Allan Poe, Eureka, and Scientific Imagination (978-1-4384-6391-9) by David N. Stamos, SUNY Press
Heretics! (978-0-691-16869-2) by Steven Nadler and Ben Nadler, Princeton University Press
Your Evolving Soul (978-1-57983-036-6) by Byron Belitsos, Origin Press
London Rock: The Unseen Archive (978-1-60887-884-0) Insight Editions
American Firefighter (978-1-59962-137-1) Welcome Books
People of Yellowstone (978-1-940863-06-1) Elm Grove Press
Irving Penn (978-1-58839-618-1) The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Calling a Wolf a Wolf (978-1-938584-67-1) by Kaveh Akbar, Alice James Books
Please Bury Me in This (978-1-935536-83-3) by Allison Benis White, Four Way Books
The Bird-While (978-0-8143-4240-4) by Keith Taylor, Wayne State University Press
This House That (978-1-944467-05-0) by Peter Grandbois, Brighthorse Books
Political Science
Being Kurdish in a Hostile World (978-0-88977-494-0) by Ayub Nuri, University of Regina Press
The Capital Times (978-0-87020-847-8) by John Nichols and Dave Zweifel, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
China's Great Migration (978-1-59813-222-9) Independent Institute
A Land without Borders (978-1-925355-22-2) by Nir Baram, Text Publishing
Flash Points (978-1-4384-6545-6) by Jade Wu, Excelsior Editions
Popular Culture
The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History (978-1-60887-811-6) Insight Editions
Let's Get Monster Smashed (978-0-7643-5370-3) by Jon Chaiet and Marc Chaiet, Schiffer Publishing
The 100 Best Celebrity Photos (978-1-68330-067-0) by Editors of PEOPLE magazine, Time Inc. Books
Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garcons (978-1-58839-620-4) The Metropolitan Museum of Art
UFOs, Chemtrails, and Aliens (978-0-253-02692-7) by Donald R. Prothero and Timothy D. Callahan, Indiana University Press
Sabina Spielrein (978-1-4384-6579-1) by Angela M. Sells, SUNY Press
Emotional Resiliency in the Era of Climate Change (978-1-78592-719-5) by Leslie Davenport, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
When It's Never About You (978-0-9993115-0-9) by Ilene S. Cohen, Harte & Co
Beyond Bedlam's Door (978-1-941016-25-1) by Mark Rubinstein, Thunder Lake Press
San Diego County Mammal Atlas (978-0-692-89539-9) by Scott Tremor (editor), Drew Stokes (editor), Wayne Spencer (editor), Jay Diffendorfer (editor), Howard Thomas (editor), Susan Chivers (editor), and Philip Unitt (editor), San Diego Natural History Museum
Blood on the Stage, 1600-1800 (978-1-5381-0615-0) by Amnon Kabatchnik, Rowman & Littlefield
The Essential Poet's Glossary (978-0-544-93123-7) by Edward Hirsch, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Social Security For Dummies (978-1-119-37573-9) Wiley
Picturing Harrisonburg (978-1-938086-50-2) by David Ehrenpreis (editor) and Kenneth E. Koons (contributor), George F. Thompson Publishing
Natural Wonders of Assateague Island (978-0-7643-5340-6) by Mark Hendricks, Schiffer Publishing
Mississippi and the Great Depression (978-1-4671-1876-7) by Richelle Putnam, The History Press
Baja's Wild Side (978-1-941384-32-9) by Daniel Cartamil, Sunbelt Publications
Yosemite People (978-0-9973951-9-8) by Jonas Kulikauskas, A Thousand Words Press
Abducted in Iraq (978-0-268-10293-7) by Saad Sirop Hanna, with Edward S. Aris, University of Notre Dame Press
The Wisdom of Not Knowing (978-1-61180-299-3) by Estelle Frankel, Shambhala
A Bigger Table (978-0-664-26267-9) by John Pavlovitz, Westminster John Knox Press
Image and Presence (978-1-5036-0422-3) by Natalie Carnes, Stanford University Press
A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived (978-1-61519-404-9) The Experiment Publishing
This Phenomenal Life (978-1-4930-2686-9) Lyons Press
Tides (978-1-59534-805-0) Trinity University Press
Strange Science (978-1-62686-982-0) by Editors of Portable Press, Printers Row Publishing Group
The Driver in the Driverless Car (978-1-62656-971-3) by Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Bearing the Unbearable (978-1-61429-296-8) by Joanne Cacciatore, Wisdom Publications
Wild Ideas (978-0-9968105-0-0) by Cathy Wild, Standing Place Press
Prisoners of Our Thoughts (978-1-62656-880-8) by Alex Pattakos and Elaine Dundon, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
How You Learn Is How You Live (978-1-62656-870-9) by Kay Peterson and David A. Kolb, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
The Wisdom of Not Knowing (978-1-61180-299-3) by Estelle Frankel, Shambhala
Social Sciences
The Good Fight (978-1-4549-2734-1) by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, Against All Odds Productions
Mean Men (978-0-9986130-0-0) by Mark Lipton, Voussoir Press
Federal Prison Handbook (978-0-692-79973-4) by Christopher Zoukis, Middle Street Publishing
Firsts (978-1-68330-068-7) by Editors of TIME, Time Inc. Books
The Year of the Pitcher (978-0-547-71927-6) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
A Mountaineer's Life (978-1-938340-70-3) by Allen Steck, Patagonia
Sports Illustrated Football's Greatest Revised and Updated (978-1-68330-003-8) by Editors of Sports Illustrated, Time Inc. Books
The Streak (978-0-544-10767-0) Hmh
Beyond Mile Zero (978-1-55017-797-8) by Lily Gontard and Mark Kelly (photographer), Harbour Publishing
Arlington (978-0-89587-677-5) by James Gindlesperger, Blair
Patagonian Road (978-1-939650-54-2) by Kate McCahill, Santa Fe Writer's Project
The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 11 (978-1-60952-111-0) Travelers' Tales
Trappist Beer Travels (978-0-7643-5294-2) by Caroline Wallace, Sarah Wood, and Jessica Deahl, Schiffer Publishing
True Crime
In Vino Duplicitas (978-1-61519-392-9) by Peter Hellman, The Experiment
Trial by Fire (978-0-9979151-0-5) by Kaia Anderson, Pyxis Press
When Normal Blew Up (978-0-9987203-0-2) by Joni Foster, Red Raku Press
Sidetracked (978-1-947290-28-0) by Richard T. Cahill Jr., Wildblue Press
The Pinks (978-1-4930-0833-9) by Chris Enss, TwoDot
War & Military
Compassionate Soldier (978-1-62972-292-4) by Jerry Borrowman, Shadow Mountain
The World Turns to War (978-0-9988893-0-6) by Jay Wertz, Monroe Publications
Dispatches from the Pacific (978-0-253-03036-8) by Ray E. Boomhower, Indiana University Press
Foxtrot in Kandahar (978-1-61121-357-7) by Duane Evans, Savas Beatie
Women's Studies
Wonder Girls (978-1-57687-822-4) by Paola Gianturco, Alex Sangster, and Foreword by Musimbi Kanyoro, powerHouse Books
Violence Against Indigenous Women (978-1-77112-239-9) by Allison Hargreaves, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Fierce, Funny, and Female (978-0-9860067-3-9) by Marti MacGibbon, Stay Strong Publishing
Ask (978-1-944934-25-5) by Kitty Stryker, Thorntree Press


The World Is Just a Book Away (978-0-9991348-0-1) by James J. Owens, USC Libraries Press
Pie & Whiskey (978-1-63217-112-2) by Kate Lebo (editor) and Samuel Ligon (editor), Sasquatch Books
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Challenges to the Dream (978-0-88748-628-9) by Jim Daniels (editor), Carnegie Mellon University Press

Graphic Novels & Comics

Graphic Novels & Comics
Renegade (978-0-87486-207-2) by Andrea Grosso Ciponte and Dacia Palmerino, Plough Publishing House
Jurassic (978-1-59152-203-4) by Ted Rechlin (author, illustrator), RexTooth Studios
M.F.K. (978-1-68383-004-7) Insight Comics
Daddy Hall (978-0-88984-403-2) by Tony Miller, The Porcupine's Quill
Knights of the Skull (978-0-7643-5377-2) by Wayne Vansant (author, illustrator), Schiffer Publishing


Juvenile Fiction
Esme Dooley and the Kirkkomaki Circus (978-1-939360-05-2) by Holly Trechter and Jane Donovan (author, illustrator), Sky Candle Press
From Ant to Eagle (978-1-77168-111-7) by Alex Lyttle, Central Avenue Publishing
The Splendid Baron Submarine (978-1-944995-25-6) by Eric Bower and Agnieszka Grochalska (illustrator), Amberjack Publishing
Embers of Destruction (978-1-62972-339-6) by J. Scott Savage, Shadow Mountain
Slug Days (978-1-77278-022-2) by Sara Leach and Rebecca Bender (illustrator), Pajama Press
Juvenile Nonfiction
Hockey (978-1-68330-011-3) by Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids, Time Inc. Books
Hedy's Journey (978-1-5157-8222-3) by Michelle Bisson and El Primo Ramon (illustrator), Capstone
The Girl Who Ran (978-1-943200-47-4) by Frances Poletti, Kristina Yee, and Susanna Chapman (illustrator), Compendium
Lights On! (978-0-86541-244-6) by Cynthia Simmerlink Becker and Benjamin Hummel (illustrator), Filter Press
Picture Books
I See You (978-1-4338-2758-7) by Michael Genhart, Magination Press
I Love My Purse (978-1-55451-954-5) by Belle DeMont and Sonja Wimmer (illustrator), Annick Press
The Lonely Mailman (978-841614798-4) by Susanna Isern and Daniel Montero Galván (illustrator), Cuento de Luz
Plume (978-0-8028-5492-6) by Isabelle Simler (author, illustrator), Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
The Day I Ran Away (978-1-936261-89-5) by Holly L. Niner, Shari Dash Greenspan (editor), and Isabella Ongaro (illustrator), Flashlight Press
Picture Books, Early Reader
Unraveling Rose (978-0-7643-5393-2) by Brian Wray and Shiloh Penfield (illustrator), Schiffer Publishing
Wild Zoo Train (978-1-63076-306-0) by Carmela LaVigna Coyle and Steve Gray (illustrator), Muddy Boots
The Watcher (978-0-8028-5445-2) by Nikki Grimes and Bryan Collier (illustrator), Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Wonderful Nature, Wonderful You (978-1-58469-583-7) by Karin Ireland, Dawn Publications
A Different Pond (978-1-62370-803-0) by Bao Phi and Thi Bui (illustrator), Capstone
Young Adult Fiction
The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic (978-1-945053-24-5) by F.T. Lukens, Interlude Press
Starswept (978-1-946202-27-7) by Mary Fan, Snowy Wings Publishing
Grrrls on the Side (978-1-945053-21-4) by Carrie Pack, Interlude Press
Seeking Mansfield (978-1-63583-002-6) by Kate Watson, Flux
The Big Lie (978-0-7636-9125-7) by Julie Mayhew, Candlewick Press
Young Adult Nonfiction
Green Card Youth Voices (978-0-9974960-2-4) Green Card Voices
Feminism From A to Z (978-1-4338-2721-1) by Gayle E. Pitman, Magination Press
#NotYourPrincess (978-1-55451-957-6) by Lisa Charleyboy (editor) and Mary Beth Leatherdale (editor), Annick Press
Project You (978-1-63079-091-2) by Aubre Andrus, Switch Press
Release Your Inner Drive (978-1-78583-199-7) by Edward Watson and Bradley Busch, Crown House Publishing


Augmented Reality
The Good Fight (978-1-4549-2734-1) by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, Against All Odds Productions
Child Author (17 and Under)
The Day Tajon Got Shot (978-0-9969274-5-1) by Beacon House Writers, Shout Mouse Press
The Global Warming Express (978-1-938288-93-7) by Marina Weber and Joanna Whysner (illustrator), Terra Nova Books