Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2012 Foreword INDIES Winners

Editor's Choice

Glorybound (978-1-60226-010-8) by Jessie Van Eerden, WordFarm
Eating Dirt (978-1-55365-792-7) by Charlotte Gill, Greystone Books

Adult Fiction

Winter Nova (978-0-9851918-1-8) by Preston Morgan, ArchMillennium
The Goddess of Dance (978-0-9838320-2-7) by Anna Kashina, Dragonwell Publishing
The Dagger of Adendigaeth (978-0-9906291-4-6) by Melissa McPhail, Five Strands Publishing
Benajah's Keeper (978-1-4775-6232-1) by Aeryn Dougan, CreateSpace
Gay & Lesbian
The Celestial (978-1-60820-768-8) by Barry Brennessel, MLR Press
The View From a Rusty Train Car (978-1-927044-34-6) by DeeJay Arens, Writers AMuse Me Publishing
Coming out Can Be Murder (978-1-935766-28-5) by Renee James, Windy City Publishers
The Fallen Snow (978-0-9884148-0-8) by John J Kelley, Stone Cabin Press
The Rent Collector (978-1-60907-122-6) by Camron Wright, Shadow Mountain Publishing
A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage (978-0-88146-271-5) by Marly Youmans, Mercer University Press
Hard to Have Heroes (978-0-8263-5204-0) by Buddy Mays, University of New Mexico Press
The Bird Saviors (978-1-60953-070-9) by William J. Cobb, Unbridled Books
Angle of Declination (978-1-936198-76-4) by Doug Mayfield and Sally Mayfield, Two Harbors Press
The Chronicles of Iona (978-0-615-60254-7) by Paula de Fougerolles, Careswell Press
The Bastard (978-1-4810-6628-0) by Mark Canter, Createspace
One Blood (978-0-9827193-6-7) by Qwantu Amaru, Stephanie Casher (editor), and Cathi Stevenson (designer), The Pantheon Collective (TPC Books)
Vampyric Variations (978-1-894063-94-4) by Nancy Kilpatrick, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Oddities & Entities (978-0-9850066-4-8) by Roland Allnach, All Things That Matter Press
Chiral Mad (978-1-4791-5243-8) by Michael Bailey (editor), Gord Rollo (contributor), Gary McMahon (contributor), Gary A. Braunbeck (contributor), Gene O'Neill (contributor), Meghan Arcuri (contributor), Jeff Strand (contributor), Jack Ketchum (contributor), Christian A. Larsen (contributor), and Eric J. Guignard (contributor), Written Backwards
Frottage and Even as We Speak (978-0-9845782-2-1) by Mona Houghton, What Books Press
That's Not a Feeling (978-1-61695-188-7) by Dan Josefson, Soho Press
Total Secession (978-0-9854855-2-8) by Adam Connell, Adam Connell
Grid City Overload (978-1-4752-9593-1) by Steven T. Bramble, CreateSpace
Malena (978-0-9842252-7-9) by Edgardo David Holzman, Nortia Press
Across the Mekong River (978-1-4663-3810-4) by Elaine Russell, CreateSpace
An Apricot Year (978-0-9755881-6-1) by Martha Egan, Papalote Press
Shadow of the Sun (978-0-615-74294-6) by Merrie P. Wycoff, Rosa Mystica Publishing
A Deadly Affection (978-0-9848413-0-1) by Cuyler Overholt, Copper Bottom Press
Dead Anyway (978-1-57962-283-1) by Chris Knopf, The Permanent Press
Bone Shadows (978-0-9800017-5-4) by Christopher Valen, Conquill Press
Ill Will (978-1-60282-657-1) by J.M. Redmann, Bold Strokes Books
Lost and Found (978-1-4336-7171-5) by Ginny L. Yttrup, B&H Publishing
Splintered Light (978-1-60619-020-3) by Lee Denning, Twilight Times
The Sound of Red Returning (978-0-8254-2574-5) by Sue Duffy, Kregel Publications
Waverly's Universe (978-0-615-70921-5) by Jim Trainor, UpNorth Press
Mortal Fire (978-0-85721-202-3) by C.F. Dunn, Monarch Books
Broken Wings (978-1-937593-36-0) by Alexandrea Weis, World Castle Publishing
Crossroads (978-1-60282-756-1) by Radclyffe, Bold Strokes Books
Sand Dollar (978-0-9851156-0-9) by Sebastian Cole, Sebastian Cole
Science Fiction
State of Union (978-0-9855528-5-5) by Sven Michael Davison, Bedouin Press
The Samsara Effect (978-0-9726007-8-1) by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
The Water Thief (978-1-4679-7227-7) by Nicholas Lamar Soutter, CreateSpace
Upload (978-1-300-33561-0) by Mark McClelland, Mark McClelland
Short Stories
The World of a Few Minutes Ago (978-0-8143-3612-0) by Jack Driscoll, Wayne State University Press
Where I Am Now (978-1-886157-82-8) by Robert Day, BkMk Press
Love, in Theory (978-0-8203-4349-5) by E. J. Levy, University of Georgia
High-Water Mark (978-0-88984-356-1) by Nicole Dixon, The Porcupine's Quill
Thriller & Suspense
Etiquette for an Apocalypse (978-0-9848930-0-3) by Anne Mendel, Brackets Press
A Prayer for the Devil (978-1-937110-34-5) by Dale Allan , Emerald Book Company
The Samsara Effect (978-0-9726007-8-1) by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
The Clause (978-0-7387-3416-3) by Brian Wiprud, Midnight Ink Books
The Plain in Flames (978-0-292-74385-4) by Juan Rulfo, UT Press
The World Eve Left Us (978-1-56703-057-0) by Boston Teran, High Top
The Tragedy of Fidel Castro (978-1-938416-16-3) by Joao Cerqueira, River Grove Books
War & Military
Resurrect (978-0-85721-249-8) by David E. Stevens, Kregel Publications
The Five O'Clock Follies (978-0-9847799-1-8) by Theasa Tuohy, Calliope Press
But by the Chance of War (978-0-615-53205-9) by Richard C. Lyons, Lylea Creative Resources

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
The Expedition (978-0-9849155-0-7) by Jason Lewis, BilllyFish Books, LLC
Buried in the Sky (978-0-393-07988-3) by Peter Zuckerman and Amanda Padoan, WW Norton
Walking Distance (978-0-87071-683-6) by Robert Manning and Martha Manning, Oregon State University Press
Just Ride (978-0-7611-5558-4) by Grant Petersen, Workman Publishing
Grit Lit (978-1-61117-083-2) by Brian Carpenter (editor) and Tom Franklin (editor), University of South Carolina Press
Fundamentally Female (978-0-9881856-0-9) by Renee Rongen, Carol McAdoo Rehme (editor), and Annette Wood (designer), Kittleson Creek Press
No Character Limit (978-0-9837081-1-7) by Keren Taylor (editor), WriteGirl Publications
The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction (978-0-9846166-6-4) by Dinty W. Moore (editor), Rose Metal Press
Sun Sticks and Mud (978-0-615-61964-4) by Bart Kaltenbach, La Sombra Books
Frank Lloyd Wright: Natural Design, Organic Architecture (978-0-8478-3796-0) by Alan Hess and Alan Weintraub (photographer), Rizzoli
The Space Between (978-0-8010-3908-9) by Eric O. Jacobsen, Baker Academic
Detroit's Historic Places of Worship (978-0-8143-3424-9) by Barbara Krueger, Wayne State University Press
Canadian Folk Art to 1950 (978-0-88864-556-2) by John A. Fleming, Michael J. Rowan, and James A. Chambers (photographer), University of Alberta Press
Artists in Love (978-1-59962-113-5) by Veronica Kavass, Welcome Books
The Postcard Age (978-0-87846-781-5) by Benjamin Weiss and Lynda Klich, MFA Publications
Monkey King (978-1-60887-117-9) by Vincent Zhao, Insight Editions
Autobiography & Memoir
The Language of Men (978-0-9768813-2-2) by Anthony D'Aries, Hudson Whitman / Excelsior College Press
Born Under an Assumed Name (978-1-59797-698-5) by Sara Mansfield Taber, Potomac Books
The Watchmaker's Daughter (978-0-9755618-8-1) by Sonia Taitz, McWitty Press
Border Crossings (978-0-9854151-1-2) by Charles Novacek, 1021 Press
Under the North Light (978-0-9679268-6-5) by Lawrence Webster, WoodstockArts
Let the People In (978-0-292-71964-4) by Jan Reid, University of Texas Press
Lynn Margulis (978-1-60358-446-3) by Dorion Sagan (editor), Chelsea Green Publishing
Unconquered (978-1-61254-041-2) by J.D. Davis, Brown Books
Body, Mind & Spirit
Mudras of India (978-1-84819-084-9) by Cain Carroll and Revital Carroll, Singing Dragon
By God's Grace (978-1-60887-141-4) by Sadhvi Saraswati, Mandala Publishing
The Lakota Way of Strength and Courage (978-1-60407-878-7) by Joseph Marshall III, Sounds True
365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency (978-0-7387-2740-0) by Melissa Alvarez, Llewellyn Worldwide
Business & Economics
The Rainforest (978-0-615-58672-4) by Victor W. Hwang and Greg Horowitt, Regenwald
Breakthrough Branding (978-1-85788-581-1) by Catherine Kaputa, Nicholas Brealey Publishing
The Pause Principle (978-1-60994-532-9) by Kevin Cashman, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success (978-0-8144-3029-3) by Colleen Stanley, AMACOM
Face2Face (978-0-910965-99-6) by David Lee King, CyberAge Books
The Complete Guide to Getting a Job for People with Asperger's Syndrome (978-1-84905-921-3) by Barbara Bissonnette, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
The Freelancer's Bible (978-0-7611-6488-3) by Sarah Horowitz and Toni Sciarra Poynter (contributor), Workman Publishing
Your Career, Your Way! (978-1-936048-08-3) by Lisa Quast, Career Woman
101 Classic Cookbooks (978-0-8478-3793-9) by THE FALES LIBRARY, Marion Nestle (contributor), and Judith Jones (contributor), Rizzoli
Japanese Farm Food (978-1-4494-1829-8) by Nancy Singleton Hachisu and Kenji Miura (photographer), Andrews McMeel Publishing
Afield (978-1-59962-114-2) by Jesse Griffiths and Jody Horton (photographer), Welcome Books
Crafts & Hobbies
Star Wars Origami (978-0-7611-6943-7) by Chris Alexander and Tom Angleberger (contributor), Workman Publishing
Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement (978-0-8040-1138-9) by Suzi Parron, Swallow Press
Modern Patchwork (978-1-60705-548-8) by Elizabeth Hartman, C & T Publishing
Tape It and Make It (978-1-4380-0135-7) by Richela Fabian Morgan, Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers (978-0-9826270-2-0) by Amy Barickman , Amy Barickman LLC
Ecology & Environment
The Last Atoll (978-1-59534-130-3) by Pamela Frierson, Trinity University Press
Niagara Digressions (978-0-9837405-2-0) by E.R. Baxter, Starcherone Books
Damming the Osage (978-0-9673925-8-5) by Leland Payton and Crystal Payton, Lens & Pen Press
Born, Not Raised (978-0-9792366-3-1) by Susan Madden Lankford and Juvenile artists (illustrator), Humane Exposures Publishing, LLC
Common Core English Language Arts in a PLC at Work™, Grades K–2 (978-1-936764-16-7) by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, Solution Tree Press
Professional Capital (978-0-8077-5332-3) by Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan, Teachers College Press
Try Reading Again (978-1-60613-028-5) by DeAnna Horstmeier, Ph.D., Woodbine House
Things That Are (978-1-57131-334-8) by Amy Leach, Milkweed Editions
A Thousand Deer (978-0-292-73795-2) by Rick Bass, UT Press
Swallowing the Sea (978-1-936797-14-1) by Lee Upton, Tupelo
My Bookstore (978-1-57912-910-1) by Ronald Rice, Black Dog & Leventhal
Family & Relationships
Living Nonviolent Communication (978-1-60407-827-5) by Marshall Rosenberg, Sounds True
The Foster Parenting Toolbox (978-0-9726244-6-6) by Kim Phagan-Hansel (editor), EMK Press
Pride and Joy (978-0-19-989624-0) by Kenneth Barish, Oxford University Press
Autism Spectrum Disorders: What Every Parent Needs to Know (978-1-58110-651-0) by Alan I. Rosenblatt, MD, FAAP (editor) and Paul S. Carbone, MD, FAAP (editor), American Academy of Pediatrics
Graphic Novels & Comics
Dotter of Her Father Eyes (978-1-59582-850-7) by Mary M. Talbot, Dark Horse Books
Cursed Pirate Girl (978-1-936393-60-2) by Jeremy Bastian (author, illustrator), Archaia Entertainment
Blacksad (978-1-59582-931-3) by Juan Diaz Canales, Dark Horse Books
Iron (978-1-936393-28-2) by Shane-Michael Vidaurri (author, illustrator), Archaia Entertainment
The Patient Survival Guide (978-1-936303-31-1) by Maryanne McGuckin, Demos Health
The Cookie Book (978-0-89793-606-4) by Maritza Breitenbach, Hunter House
The Take-Charge Patient (978-0-9815240-3-0) by Martine Ehrenclou, MA, Lemon Grove Press
Dad to Dad Parenting Like a Pro (978-1-58110-650-3) by David L. Hill, MD, FAAP, American Academy of Pediatrics
Through the Eye of the Needle (978-0-691-15290-5) by Peter Brown, Princeton University Press
We Are Here (978-0-8032-3012-5) by Ellen Cassedy, University of Nebraska Press
Railroads and the American People (978-0-253-00633-2) by H. Roger Grant, Indiana University Press
Home & Garden
The Seasoned Gardener (978-0-9774251-8-1) by Carolyn Singer, Garden Wisdom Press
Garden Wisdom (978-0-87020-494-4) by Jerry Apps, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
The Maine Garden Journal (978-0-9847103-0-0) by Lisa Colburn and Joanna Young (designer), Fern Leaf Publishing Company
Ecothrifty (978-0-86571-715-2) by Deborah Niemann, New Society Publishers
Monty Python's Flying Circus (978-1-57912-913-2) by Luke Dempsey, Black Dog & Leventhal
The Art of Procrastination (978-0-7611-7167-6) by John Perry, Workman Publishing
The 6.5 Practices of Moderately Successful Poets (978-1-936747-27-6) by Jeffrey Skinner, Sarabande Books
Uncle John's Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader (978-1-60710-562-6) by Bathroom Readers' Institute, Portable Press
The Appalachian Trail (978-0-8478-3903-2) by Brian King and Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Bill Bryson (contributor), Rizzoli
Kissed by a Fox (978-1-58243-812-2) by Priscilla Stuckey, Counterpoint
Skulls (978-1-57912-912-5) by Simon Winchester, Black Dog & Leventhal
Safari (978-0-7611-6380-0) by Carol Kaufmann and Dan Kainen (designer), Workman Publishing
Performing Arts & Music
Rolling Stones 50 X 20 (978-1-60887-132-2) by Chris Murray, Insight Editions
The Untold Story of Adele aus der Ohe (978-1-59298-464-0) by LaWayne Leno, Beaver's Pond Press
North of Hollywood (978-0-9848442-1-0) by Rick Lenz, Chromodroid Press
Global Reggae (978-976-812596-5) by Carolyn Cooper (editor), Canoe Press
Little Boy Blue (978-0-7641-6526-9) by Kim Kavin, Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
For Love of Cats (978-1-935726-13-5) by Animal Recue League of Iowa, Inc., Landauer Publishing
For Love of Dogs (978-1-935726-12-8) by ARL Iowa, Paula Sunday, and Mick McAuliffe, Landauer Publishing
Pets at the White House (978-0-615-58063-0) by Jennifer B. Pickens, Fife & Drum Press
Lipstick and the Leash (978-0-615-46558-6) by Camilla Gray-Nelson, Double Dove Press
The Philosophy Shop (978-1-78135-049-2) by Peter Worley (editor), David Jenkins (contributor), and Nolen Gertz, et al. (contributor), Independent Thinking Press
Simone Weil (978-0-268-02373-7) by Robert Chenavier and Bernard E. Doering (translator), University of Notre Dame Press
The Wisdom of Generations (978-0-9829354-8-4) by Tieman H. Dippel, Jr., Texas Peacemaker Publications, LLC
The Fourth Dimension of Existence (978-1-4775-8292-3) by Nasr Saad, Create Space
Ori Gersht (978-0-87846-779-2) by Al Miner, MFA Publications
Alone with the Past (978-1-890434-84-7) by Ernest R. Lawrence, Afton Press
Faking It (978-0-300-18501-0) by Mia Fineman, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ice (978-0-8478-3886-8) by James Balog and Terry Tempest Williams (contributor), Rizzoli
Acquainted with the Cold (978-1-936511-04-4) by Lexa Hillyer, Bona Fide Books
The Glass Tree (978-0-9815560-8-6) by Laura Davies Foley, Harbor Mountain Press
The Sky Is a Bird of Sorrow (978-1-877655-75-3) by Steve Dieffenbacher, Wordcraft of Oregon
To Embroider the Ground With Prayer (978-0-8143-3620-5) by Teresa J. Scollon, Wayne State University Press
Political Science
Defending the Filibuster (978-0-253-00191-7) by Richard A. Arenberg and Robert B. Dove, Indiana University Press
Tax Cheating (978-1-4384-4270-9) by Donald Morris, SUNY Press
Bending History (978-0-8157-2182-6) by Martin S. Indyk, Kenneth G. Lieberthal, and Michael E. O'Hanlon, The Brookings Institution
Force Decisions: A Citizens Guide (978-1-59439-243-6) by Rory Miller, YMAA Publication Center
Popular Culture
The Guitar & Amp Sourcebook (978-1-60710-565-7) by Mike Abbott, Thunder Bay Press
The Trivia Lover's Guide to the World (978-1-4422-1403-3) by Gary Fuller, Rowman & Littlefield
Man Bites Dog (978-0-7591-2073-0) by Bruce Kraig, Alta Mira Press
Schiaparelli & Prada (978-0-300-17955-2) by Andrew Bolton and Harold Koda, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD (978-0-393-70622-2) by Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg, WW Norton
See Me as a Person (978-1-886624-83-2) by Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout, Creative Health Care Management
Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew (978-1-935274-65-0) by Ellen Notbohm, Future Horizons
Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking (978-1-60358-332-9) by Gianaclis Caldwell, Chelsea Green Publishing
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters (978-0-8010-3356-8) by Marion Ann Taylor (editor) and Agnes Choi (editor), Baker Academic
Baja California Plant Field Guide 3rd Edition (978-0-916251-18-5) by Jon P. Rebman and Norman C. Roberts, Sunbelt Publications
Autism as Context Blindness (978-1-937473-00-6) by Peter Vermeulen, AAPC Publishing
Ricardo Brededa (978-0-932653-99-4) by Diana Lindsay, SUNBELT PUBLICATIONS
Damming the Osage (978-0-9673925-8-5) by Leland Payton and Crystal Payton, Lens & Pen Press
Coney Detroit (978-0-8143-3518-5) by Katherine Yung and Joe Grimm, Wayne State University Press
North of Twelfth Street (978-0-9846505-1-4) by Tom Dempster (author, photographer) and Gary D. Olson (contributor), South Dakota State Historical Society Press
The Evolution of Adam (978-1-58743-315-3) by Peter Enns, Brazos Press
Messy (978-0-8254-4168-4) by A.J. Swoboda, Kregel Publications
The New Orleans Sisters of the Holy Family (978-0-268-02230-3) by Edward T. Brett, University of Notre Dame Press
The Path of Centering Prayer (978-1-60407-673-8) by David Frenette, Sounds True
Einstein's Jewish Science (978-1-4214-0554-4) by Steven Gimbel, The Johns Hopkins University Press
The Everyday Space Traveler (978-0-9817674-0-6) by Jason Klassi and Buzz Aldrin (contributor), Space Traveler Publishing
Reality Begins with Consciousness (978-1-58412-009-4) by Vernon M. Neppe and Edward R. Close,
Positive Intelligence (978-1-60832-278-7) by Shirzad Chamine, Greenleaf Book Group Press
Great Sex Made Simple (978-0-7387-3345-6) by Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson, Llewellyn Publications
Mindfulness for Beginners (978-1-60407-658-5) by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sounds True
I am Not Sick, I Don't Need Help (978-0-9677189-3-4) by Xavier Amador, Vida Press
Social Sciences
Life's Journey---Zuya (978-1-60781-184-8) by Albert White Hat and John Cunningham (compiler), University of Utah Press
The Chalk Circle (978-1-936214-71-6) by Tara L. Masih (editor), Wyatt-MacKenzie
Mindshare (978-0-9858066-1-3) by Nikos Acuna, Motion Pub
The American Nurse (978-1-59962-121-0) by Carolyn Jones, Welcome Books
Slingin' Sam (978-0-292-71985-9) by Joe Holley, UT Press
Fast Break to Line Break (978-1-61186-035-1) by Todd Davis (editor), MSU Press
Green Bay Packers (978-0-87020-497-5) by William Povletich, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Krav Maga: Weapon Defenses (978-1-59439-240-5) by David Kahn, YMAA Publication Center
Travel Essays
Hoosh (978-0-8032-2666-1) University of Nebraska Press
The Best Travel Writing (978-1-60952-057-1) by Tim Cahill (contributor), Traveler's Tales
The Expedition (978-0-9849155-0-7) by Jason Lewis, BilllyFish Books, LLC
Safari Jema (978-1-4637-4179-2) by Teresa O'Kane, Flat Dog Books/Createspace
Travel Guides
Your Guide to the National Parks (978-1-62128-000-2) by Michael Joseph Oswald, Stone Road Press
Moon Taj Mahal, Delhi & Jaipur (978-1-61238-353-8) by Margot Bigg, Avalon Travel
22 Accessible Road Trips (978-1-936303-26-7) by Candy Harrington, Demos Health
100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go (978-1-60952-066-3) by Susan Van Allen, Travelers' Tales; Second Edition edition (July 10,
True Crime
House of Horrors (978-1-60635-186-4) by Robert Sberna, Kent State University Press
Chessman (978-1-4327-9568-9) by Terrence W. Cooney, Outskirts Press
Scapegoat (978-0-9842333-7-3) by J. Patrick O'Connor, Strategic Media
Guilty by Popular Demand (978-1-60635-133-8) by Bill Osinski, Kent State University Press
Women's Studies
Grandmother Power (978-1-57687-611-4) by Paola Gianturco, powerHouse Books
Looking for Esperanza (978-0-9844629-8-8) by Adriana Paramo and Claudia Carlson (designer), Benu Press
The New Feminist Agenda (978-1-60358-425-8) by Madeleine M. Kunin', Chelsea Green Publishing
The Best Womens' Travel Writing, Vol 8 (978-1-60952-059-5) by Lavinia Spaulding (editor), Travelers' Tales
Swallowing the Sea (978-1-936797-14-1) by Lee Upton, Tupelo
Because You Have To (978-0-268-02893-0) by Joan Frank , University of Notre Dame Press
The New Book of Plots (978-1-935166-63-4) by Loren Niemi, Parkhurst Brothers
The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction (978-0-9846166-6-4) by Dinty W. Moore (editor), Rose Metal Press


Juvenile Fiction
Easter Ann Peters' Operation Cool (978-0-9859562-0-2) by Jody Lamb, Scribe Publishing Company
The Bulldoggers Club — The Tale of the Ill-Gotten Catfish (978-1-937054-15-1) by Barbara Hay, Tim Jessell (illustrator), and Steven Walker (illustrator), The RoadRunner Press
The Man Who Dreamed of Elk Dogs (978-1-937786-00-7) by Paul Goble, World Wisdom
Jack Templar Monster Hunter (978-0-9884259-0-3) by Jeff Gunhus, Seven Guns Press
Juvenile Nonfiction
The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math (978-0-7611-6374-9) by Sean Connolly, Workman Publishing
Native Writers (978-0-9779183-8-6) by Kim Sigafus and Lyle Ernst, 7th Generation/ imprint of Book Publishing Co
Uncle John's KID-TOPIA Bathroom Reader for Kids Only! (978-1-59223-827-9) by Bathroom Readers' Institute, Portable Press
Recycled Robots (978-0-7611-5466-2) by Robert Malone, Workman Publishing
Picture Books
Molly's Organic Farm (978-1-58469-166-2) by Carol L. Malnor and Trina Hunner, Dawn Publications
Adventures in Australia and New Zealand (978-0-9794228-9-8) by Tim Ostermeyer (author, photographer, designer), Fun Adventure Wildlife Books
The Bully Goat Grim (978-0-87483-952-4) by Willy Claflin and James Stimson (illustrator), August House
Good People Everywhere (978-0-9799289-8-7) by Lynea Gillen and Kristina Swarner (illustrator), Three Pebble Press, LLC
Picture Books, Early Reader
The A to Z Book of Wild Animals (978-1-60710-592-3) by Peter David Scott (illustrator), Silver Dolphin Books
Up Dog (978-1-55451-389-5) by Hazel Hutchins and Fanny, Annick Press
Silence (978-1-4338-1136-4) by Lemniscates, Magination Press
Healthy Foods from A to Z (978-0-9834983-1-5) by Stephanie Maze (editor) and Renee Comet (photographer), Moonstone Press
I See the Sun in Mexico (978-1-935874-14-0) by Dedie King, Judith Inglese (illustrator), and Julio Ortiz Manzo (translator), Satya House Publications
Young Adult Fiction
The Immortal Von B. (978-1-937054-30-4) by M. Scott Carter, The RoadRunner Press
Beautiful Music for Ugly Children (978-0-7387-3251-0) by Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Flux Books
Caterpillar (978-1-879571-00-6) by Kate Oliver, MAB Books
Silhouette of a Sparrow (978-1-57131-701-8) by Molly Beth Griffin, Milkweed Editions
Young Adult Nonfiction
Scandalous! 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (978-0-9827322-0-5) by Hallie Fryd, Zest Books
Job Tracks (978-0-635-10552-3) by Carole Marsh, Gallopade
Regine's Book (978-1-936976-20-1) by Regine Stokke, Zest Books
Dead Man Breathing (978-0-9960509-0-6) by Billy Jack McDaniel and A'Leta McDaniel, Billy Jack McDaniel, Inc.
Paint and Canvas (978-0-87195-295-0) by Rachel Berenson Perry, Indiana Historical Society Press