Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2008 Foreword INDIES Winners

Editor's Choice

Home Spun (978-1-59051-285-2) by Nilita Vachani, Other Press
American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau (978-1-59853-020-9) by Bill McKibben, editor, The Library of America

Adult Fiction

Gay & Lesbian
Double Bound (978-1-4392-0725-3) by Nick Nolan, BookSurge
Night Call (978-1-60282-031-9) by Radclyffe, Bold Strokes Books
Stonewall (978-1-890834-44-9) by Jack Fritscher, Palm Drive Publishing
B as in Beirut (978-1-56656-709-1) by Iman Humaydan Younes, translated by Max Weiss, Interlink Books
Gate to Nowhere (978-1-933353-01-2) by Leanna Sain, Twilight Times Books
Red Helmet (978-1-59859-426-3) by Homer Hickam, Oasis Audio
The Expectant Father (978-0-7892-0967-2) by Armin A. Brott, Abbeville Press
Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage (978-1-59859-365-5) by Joe Wheeler, Oasis Audio
Adam the King (978-1-59051-284-5) by Jeffrey Lewis, Other Press
Laundry (978-0-9754444-7-4) by Suzane Adam, Autumn Hill Books
Together (978-1-59859-361-7) by Tom Sullivan & Betty White, Oasis Audio
Rebels of Mindanao (978-0-8253-0514-6) by Tom Anthony, Beaufort Books
Recovering Charles (978-1-59038-964-5) by Jason F. Wright, Shadow Mountain
The Giant Book of Poetry, Complete Audio Set (978-1-933769-40-0) by William Roetzheim, Level 4 Press
The Shack (978-1-59859-419-5) by William P. Young, Oasis Audio
The Prairie Bridesmaid (978-1-55470-054-7) by Daria Salamon, Key Porter Books
Requiem for the Author of Frankenstein (978-1-882897-93-3) by Molly Dwyer, Lost Coast Press
Deceptive Intentions (978-0-9815726-0-4) by M.L. Malcolm, A Good Read Publishing
Come With Me to Babylon (978-0-8263-4178-5) by Paul M. Levitt, University of New Mexico Press
The Fire and the Light (978-0-9816484-7-7) by Glen Craney and Greg Spalenka and Jeff Burne (illustrator), Brigid's Fire Press
Trick 'R Treat (978-1-933784-51-9) by Michael Dougherty, Insight Editions/ Palace Press International
Low Man (978-0-9800339-3-9) by T.J. Vargo, Leucrota Press
Midnight Revelations (978-1-56315-414-0) by Karen M. Bence, Sterling House Publisher
Twisted Tails III (978-1-55404-568-6) by J. Richard Jacobs (Editor), Double Dragon Publishing
The Drop Edge of Yonder (978-0-9763895-5-2) by Rudolph Wurlitzer, Two Dollar Radio
The Gift of Rain (978-1-60286-024-7) by Tan Twan Eng, Weinstein Books
Two Marriages (978-1-59051-298-2) by Phillip Lopate, Other Press
The Love Song of Monkey (978-0-9815148-0-2) by Michael S.A. Graziano, Leapfrog Press
If I Die in Juarez (978-0-8165-2667-3) by Stella Pope Duarte, University of Arizona Press
Straight Outta East Oakland (978-0-9789133-0-4) by Harry Louis Williams, II and TLC Graphics (illustrator), Soul Shaker Publishing, Music and Works
The Women's Warrior Society (978-0-8165-2672-7) by Lois Beardslee, University of Arizona Press
Balikbayan (978-1-57306-290-9) by Michelle Cruz Skinner, Bess Press
Stealing Trinity (978-1-933515-17-5) by Ward Larsen, Oceanview Publishing
Rabbit in the Moon (978-1-933515-14-4) by Deborah and Joel Shlian, Oceanview Publishing
Hoodoo (978-0-89672-623-9) by Susan Cummins Miller, Texas Tech University Press
Bloodroot (978-1-60528-028-8) by Larry Arrowood, iUniverse
The Black Cloister (978-0-8254-2443-4) by Melanie Dobson, Kregel Publications
Seek Ye First (978-1-4392-1251-6) by Eric Mein, BookSurge
Havah (978-1-60006-124-0) by Tosca Lee, NavPress
A Wish in Time (978-1-60528-017-2) by Laurel Bradley, iUniverse
Waiting for Tomorrow (978-1-4343-8754-7) by Debbie Alferio, AuthorHouse
Whispers Through Time (978-0-9716790-7-8) by Kim Murphy, Coachlight Press
Of Angels and Rolling Pins (978-0-9814629-2-9) by Jackie Gould, Acacia Publishing
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Lightland (978-1-892442-39-0) by Kenny Kemp
Forging Paradise (978-0-9789393-2-8) by E. A. Rappaport, Owl King Publishing
Demons of the Past (978-0-9800339-4-6) by Erin Durante, Leucrota Press
Hiding Hand (978-1-60619-016-6) by Lee Denning, Twilight Times Books
Short Stories
Theory of Light and Matter (978-0-8203-3209-3) by Andrew Porter, The University of Georgia Press
In the Mouth (978-1-884800-82-5) by Eileen Pollack, Four Way Books
Dinner with Osama (978-0-268-03318-7) by Marilyn Krysl, University of Notre Dame Press
Saroyan's Bookie (978-0-9818547-0-0) by Larry Hill, Big Valley Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Fallen Giants (978-0-300-11501-7) by Maurice Isserman and Stewart Weaver, Yale University Press
Ultimate Adventures (978-1-85828-199-5) by Greg Witt, Rough Guides
Feather River Country Adventure Trails (978-0-9679740-3-3) by Tom DeMund, Know DeFeet Publishing
The Wide Open (978-0-8032-1751-5) by Edited by Annick Smith and Susan O'Connor, University of Nebraska Press
Our Caribbean (978-0-8223-4226-7) by Thomas Glave (author, editor), Duke University Press
And the World Changed (978-1-55861-580-9) by Muneeza Shamsie, The Feminist Press at CUNY
Builders of the Pacific Coast (978-0-936070-43-8) by Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Publications
Designing Your Perfect House (978-0-9798820-3-6) by William J. Hirsch Jr. and William J. Hirsch Jr. AIA, Dalsimer Press
The Library at Night (978-0-300-13914-3) by Alberto Manguel, Yale University Press
I.M. Pei (978-0-8478-3145-6) by Philip Jodidio and Janet Adams Strong, Rizzoli New York
Contemporary Quilt Art (978-0-253-35124-1) by Kate Lenkowsky, Indiana University Press
All the World's Birds (978-0-8478-3091-6) by Georges-Louis Leclerc and Francois-Nicolas Martinet (illustrator), Rizzoli New York
Kirchner and the Berlin Street (978-0-87070-741-4) by Deborah Wye, The Museum of Modern Art
Autobiography & Memoir
Buffalo Gal (978-1-55591-692-3) by Laura Pedersen, Fulcrum
Hurry Down Sunshine (978-1-59051-191-6) by Michael Greenberg, Other Press
Good Neighbors, Bad Times (978-0-8032-1374-6) by Mimi Schwartz, University of Nebraska Press
Holy Roller (978-1-933392-82-0) by Diane Wilson, Chelsea Green Publishing
Freedom's Prophet (978-0-8147-5826-7) by Richard S. Newman, NYU Press
Child of the Sit-Downs (978-0-87338-944-0) by Carlton Jackson, The Kent State University Press
Samuel Johnson (978-0-674-03160-9) by Peter Martin, Belknap/Harvard University Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Quantum Wellness (978-1-60286-018-6) by Kathy Freston, Weinstein Books
Cascadia (978-1-55380-060-6) by Douglas Todd (ed.), Ronsdale Press
The Hidden Spirituality of Men (978-1-57731-607-7) by Matthew Fox, New World Library
Business & Economics
Crunch (978-1-57675-477-1) by Jared Bernstein, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
Nudge (978-0-300-12223-7) by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein, Yale University Press
Pension Dumping (978-1-57660-239-3) by Fran Hawthorne, Bloomberg Press
What Your Money Means (978-0-8245-2520-0) by Frank J. Hanna, The Crossroad Publishing Company
My So-Called Freelance Life (978-1-58005-259-7) by Michelle Goodman, Seal Press
Self Marketing Power (978-0-9797438-0-1) by Jeff Beals, Keynote Publishing
Nonprofit Career Guide (978-0-940069-59-6) by Shelly Cryer, Fieldstone Alliance
The Soul of a Leader (978-0-8245-2480-7) by Margaret Benefiel, The Crossroad Publishing Company
The Paris Neighborhood Cookbook (978-1-56656-723-7) by Danyel Couet, photography by David Loftus, Interlink Books/Interlink Publishing Group
In Season (978-0-7893-1811-4) by Sarah Raven, Universe Publishing
Great Chefs Cook Vegan (978-1-4236-0153-1) by Linda Long, Gibbs Smith
Not Your Mother's Weeknight Cooking (978-1-55832-367-4) by Beth Hensperger, The Harvard Common Press
Crafts & Hobbies
Scrapbooks (978-0-300-12635-8) by Jessica Helfand, Yale University Press
A Passion for Sea Glass (978-0-89272-707-0) by C. S. Lambert, Down East Books
Machine Quilting, The basics and beyond (978-0-9793711-3-4) by Lynn Witzenburg, Landauer
Unmaking the Public University (978-0-674-02817-3) by Christopher Newfield, Harvard University Press
Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades (978-0-910707-87-9) by Dr. Sylvia Rimm, Great Potential Press
Why Culture Counts (978-1-934009-24-6) by Tileston and Darling, Solution Tree Press
Saving Our Students, Saving Our Schools (978-1-4129-5793-9) by Robert D. Barr, William H. Parrett, Corwin
How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate (978-1-58469-103-7) by Gary Braasch and Lynne Cherry, Dawn Publications
Antartica (978-1-60109-027-0) by Sebastian Copeland, Earth Aware Editions/ Palace Press International
Old Farm (978-0-87020-406-7) by Jerry Apps and Steve Apps (illustrator), Wisconsin Historical Society Press
By Heart (978-1-57233-632-2) by Philip Brady, University of Tennessee Press
Family & Relationships
Start Talking (978-1-886298-31-6) by Mary Jo Rapini & Janine Sherman, Bayou Publishing
Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? (978-0-9815487-0-8) by Gina Pera, 1201 Alarm Press
The Power of the Possible (978-0-8253-0576-4) by Auriela McCarthy, Beaufort Books
Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life (978-1-932565-56-0) by Catherine Faherty, Future Horizons
Graphic Novels & Comics
Gunnerkrigg Court (978-1-932386-34-9) by Tom Siddell (author, illustrator), Archaia Studios Press
The Clockwork Girl (978-0-9809204-1-3) by Sean O'Reilly and Kevin Hanna, Arcana Studios
Cleburne (978-0-9799579-0-1) by Justin Murphy and Justin Murphy, Al Milgrom, J. Brown (illustrator), Rampart Press
One Thousand Years of Manga (978-2-08030029-4) by Brigitte Koyama-Richard, Flammarion, distributed by Rizzoli New York
If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing (978-1-933449-58-6) by LeslieAnn Butler, Nightengale Press
8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back (978-0-9793036-0-9) by Esther Gokhale, Pendo Press
Critical Conditions (978-0-9815240-0-9) by Martine Ehrenclou, MA, Lemon Grove Press
The Ultimate Metabolism Diet (978-0-89793-510-4) by Scott Rigden, M.D. with Barbara Schlitz, R.N., Hunter House
The Comanche Empire (978-0-300-12654-9) by Pekka Hamalainen, Yale University Press
Hunting the American West (978-0-940864-60-3) by Richard C. Rattenbury and Various (illustrator), Boone and Crockett Club
The Death of Captain Cook (978-0-674-03194-4) by Glyn Williams, Harvard University Press
Early Japanese Railways 1853-1914 (978-4-80531006-9) by Dan Free, Tuttle Publishing
Home & Garden
The Carbon-Free Home (978-1-933392-62-2) by Rebekah & Stephen Hren, Chelsea Green Publishing
Flowers and Herbs of Early America (978-0-300-14536-6) by Lawrence Griffith, Yale University Press
The Earth-Friendly Home (978-1-58011-429-5) by David R. Goucher, Creative Homeowner
Cruise Confidential (978-1-932361-60-5) by Brian David Bruns and none (illustrator), Travelers' Tales
Why We Feel "Road Rage" ... And Why It's Your Fault! (978-0-9822008-0-3) by David Allan (author, illustrator), FNA Publishing
Ask Mr. Smartypants (978-1-891885-63-1) by Lane Filler, Hub City Writers Project
The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing (978-1-55728-887-5) by Marc Smirnoff (editor), University of Arkansas Press
Elliott Carter: A Centennial Portrait (978-1-84383-404-5) by Felix Meyer and Anne C. Shreffler, Boydell & Brewer/Paul Sacher Foundation
The Cat Who Invented Bebop (978-1-56846-168-7) by Marshall Arisman (author, illustrator), Creative Editions
Humans, Nature, and Birds (978-0-300-12388-3) by Darryl Wheye, Yale University Press
Bees (978-1-55365-321-9) by Candace Savage, Greystone Books
Alpine Americas (978-0-9778490-2-4) by Olaf Soot and Don Mellor, Horizon Editions, LLC.
The Resilient Child (978-0-9793564-5-2) by George S. Everly Jr., Ph.D., with Sloane Brown, Diamedica
How to Parent So Children Will Learn (978-0-910707-86-2) by Dr. Sylvia Rimm, Great Potential Press
Hows My Kid Doing? (978-0-8245-2424-1) by Keith W. Frome, Crossroad Publishing
Raising Bookworms (978-0-9815833-0-3) by Emma Walton Hamilton, Beech Tree Books
Performing Arts
"What We Do - Working in the Theatre" (978-0-7414-5004-3) by Bo Metzler and Rob Hamilton (illustrator), Infinity Publishing
Federico Fellini The Book of Dreams (978-0-8478-3135-7) by Federico Fellini (author, illustrator), Rizzoli New York
World's Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films (and Legend) of Jean Gabin. (978-0-9799722-0-1) by Charles Zigman, Allenwood Press
World's Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films (and Legend) of Jean Gabin. (978-0-9799722-0-1) by Charles Zigman, Allenwood Press
Inside Scoop (978-1-55404-543-3) by Marilyn Peake (Editor), Double Dragon Publishing
Horsepower (978-1-4401-0251-6) by Annette Israel, iUniverse
Tails of the City (978-0-9793384-3-4) by Tom DeVincentis and Bill Charmatz (illustrator), Glitterati
8 State Hurricane Kate (978-1-4382-1649-2) by Jenny Pavlovic and Gregory Rohm (illustrator), Jenny Pavlovic / CreateSpace
The TAO of RUDY (978-0-9799972-0-4) by Corinne Humphrey (author, illustrator), Sage Press
The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl (978-0-300-12458-3) by J.M. Mohanty, Yale University Press
The Art of War (978-1-58173-699-1) by Sun Tzu, Cliff Road Books
The Essentials of the Language of Conscience (978-0-9721608-7-2) by Tieman H. Dippel, Jr., Texas Peacemaker Publications
Strength and Compassion (978-0-9710078-0-2) by Eric Greitens, Leading Authorities Press
Revelations (978-0-87338-937-2) by Michael Stephen Levy, The Kent State University Press
Of Woods and Water (978-0-253-35276-7) by Ron Leonetti and Christopher Jordan, Indiana University Press
Owyhee Canyon Lands (978-0-87004-464-9) by Mark Lisk, Caxton Press
Prairie Kaddish (978-1-55050-388-3) by Isa Milman, Coteau Books
Selected Poems: 1970-2005 (978-1-932195-59-0) by Floyd Skloot, Tupelo Press
Grindstone of Rapport (978-0-9795137-7-0) by Clayton Eshleman, Black Widow Press
Political Science
The Cuba Wars (978-1-59691-434-6) by Daniel P. Erikson, Bloomsbury Press
Power Play (978-0-8157-7044-2) by James P. Pfiffner, Brookings Institution Press
Dirty Secrets, Dirty War (978-0-9818735-0-3) by David Cox, Joggling Board Press and Evening Post Publishing Company
Tragedy in South Lebanon (978-0-9798249-1-3) by Cathy Sultan, Scarletta Press
Popular Culture
Lost in the Museum (978-0-7591-1070-0) by Nancy Moses, AltaMira Press
Inside The Lionel Trains Fun Factory (978-1-933600-05-5) by Robert J. Osterhoff, Project Roar Publishing
Absinthe, Sip of Seduction (978-1-933108-21-6) by Wittels, Hermesch and Breaux, Speck Press
MAD About Politics (978-1-933784-65-6) by The Usual Gang of Idiats, the Editors of, Insight Editions/ Palace Press International
Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? (978-0-9815487-0-8) by Gina Pera, 1201 Alarm Press
The Way I See It 2nd Edition (978-1-935274-21-6) by Temple Grandin, Future Horizons
Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track (978-1-84310-870-2) by Kenneth H. Talan, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Third Edition (978-0-9668946-4-6) by Damien Abbott, Delta Alpha Publishing
The Historical Atlas of West Virginia (978-1-933202-27-3) by Frank S. Riddel, West Virginia University Press
Macrofungi Associated with Oaks of Eastern North America (978-1-933202-36-5) by Denise Binion, et al., West Virginia University Press
Monty Python's Flying Circus (978-0-8108-6131-2) by Darl Larsen, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Canyon Wilderness of the Southwest (978-1-59962-056-5) by Jon Ortner, Welcome Books
Matewan Before the Massacre (978-1-933202-28-0) by Rebecca S. Bailey, West Virginia University Press
The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder (978-0-89672-634-5) by Stew Magnuson, Texas Tech University Press
The Peace: A History in Photographs (978-0-9736678-4-4) by Donald A. Pettit, Peace photoGraphics
Green Oasis in Brooklyn (978-0-9786899-4-0) by John Rousmaniere, Smith Kerr/Seapoint Books
The Last Superstition (978-1-58731-451-3) by Edward Feser, St. Augustine's Press
Society without God (978-0-8147-9714-3) by Phil Zuckerman, NYU Press
Opening the Qur'an (978-0-268-04415-2) by Walter H. Wagner, University of Notre Dame Press
Flesh Made Word (978-0-674-02647-6) by Aviad Kleinberg, Belknap/Harvard University Press
Get Up (978-1-57324-366-7) by Bucky Sinister, Conari Press
How To Mediate Like A Pro (978-0-595-46962-8) by Mary Greenwood, iUniverse
The Power of the Possible (978-0-8253-0576-4) by Auriela McCarthy, Beaufort Books
Social Sciences
Guilty (978-1-56656-684-1) by Jack G. Shaheen, Olive Branch Press/Interlink
Maggots in my Sweet Potatoes (978-0-9792366-0-0) by Susan Madden Lankford, Humane Exposures Publishing
Kafka Comes to America (978-1-59051-295-1) by Steven T. Wax, Other Press
When One Door Closes (978-0-9762012-1-2) by Bill Graham, H. Thomas Saylor, Susie Graham, and Brian Townsend (illustrator), Three Dot
San Francisco Giants: 50 Years (978-1-933784-52-6) by Brian Murphey, Insight Editions
Above and Beyond (978-0-87338-974-7) by Bill Livingston, The Kent State University Press
Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting (978-0-9776240-1-0) by Dan Doyle and Deborah Burch, Hall of Fame Press
Travel Essays
Finding Ireland (978-0-268-04232-5) by Richard Tillinghast, University of Notre Dame Press
Paris Icons (978-0-615-16885-2) by Leslie J. Little, Icon Images
The Best Travel Writing 2008 (978-1-932361-54-4) by James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger and Sean O'Reilly and none (illustrator), Travelers' Tales
Marco Polo Didn't Go There (978-1-932361-61-2) by Rolf Potts, Traveler's Tales
Travel Guides
Colorado Scenic Byways, Taking the Other Road (978-1-883498-69-6) by Jim Steinberg (author, photographer), Photographs by Jim Steinberg Text by Susan J. Tweitt, and Susan J. Tweit, Portfolio Publications
Los Angeles Attractions (978-1-889224-11-4) by Borislav Stanic, Museon Publishing
Backcountry Roads, Idaho (978-0-87004-459-5) by Lynna Howard, Caxton Press
True Crime
True Crime: An American Anthology (978-1-59853-031-5) by Harold Schechter, editor, The Library of America
Twentynine Palms (978-1-883318-79-6) by Deanne Stillman, Angel City Press
Luggage By Kroger (978-0-595-53030-4) by Gary Taylor, iUniverse
Women's Issues
Daughters of India (978-0-7892-1002-9) by Stephen P. Huyler, Abbeville Press
The Maternal is Political (978-1-58005-243-6) by Shari MacDonald Strong, editor, Seal Press
Maggots in my Sweet Potatoes (978-0-9792366-0-0) by Susan Madden Lankford, Humane Exposures Publishing
The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing (978-1-933353-22-7) by Mayra Calvani & Anne K. Edwards, Twilight Times Books
Jeff Herman's Guide To Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents, 2009 (978-0-9772682-4-5) by Jeff Herman, Three Dog Press
Don't Sabotage Your Submission (978-1-933523-31-6) by Chris Roerden, Bella Rosa Books
The Art of Column Writing (978-1-933338-26-2) by Suzette Martinez Standring, Marion Street Press


Juvenile Fiction
Arthur of Albion (978-1-84686-049-2) by John Matthews and Pavel Tatarnikov (illustrator), Barefoot Books
Word Nerd (978-0-88776-875-0) by Susin Nielsen, Tundra Books
56 Water Street (978-1-60528-031-8) by Melissa Strangewal and Melissa Strangway, iUniverse
Longhorns and Outlaws (978-1-55050-378-4) by Linda Aksomitis, Coteau Books
Juvenile Nonfiction
Little Lions, Bull Baiters, and Hunting Hounds (978-0-88776-815-6) by Jeff Crosby and Shelley Ann Jackson, Tundra Books
Wisconsin (978-0-87020-378-7) by Bobbie Malone and Kori Oberle, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
One Hen (978-1-55453-028-1) by Katie Smith Milway and Eugenie Fernandes (illustrator), Kids Can Press
A Boy Named Beckoning (978-0-8225-7644-0) by Gina Capaldi, Lerner Publishing Group
Picture Books
A Visitor for Bear (978-0-7636-2807-9) by Bonny Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton (illustrator), Candlewick Press
Grandfather's Story Cloth (978-1-885008-34-3) by Linda Gerdner and Sarah Langford and Stuart Loughridge (illustrator), Shen's Books
Chester's Back (978-1-55453-287-2) by Melanie Watt, Kids Can Press
My Name is Not Isabella (978-0-9802000-7-2) by Jennifer Fosberry and Mike Litwin (illustrator), Monkey Barrel Press
City of Hamburgers (978-1-59299-346-8) by Mike Reiss and Xeth Freinberg (illustrator), Inkwater Press
Stanley at Sea (978-1-55453-193-6) by Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin (illustrator), Kids Can Press
Young Adult Fiction
Weeping under This Same Moon (978-0-9814910-0-4) by Jana Laiz, Crow Flies Press
Submarine Outlaw (978-1-55380-058-3) by Philip Roy, Ronsdale Press
Nothing (978-0-7387-1304-5) by Robin Friedman, Flux
Run Like Jager (978-1-55050-377-7) by Karen Bass, Coteau Books
Young Adult Nonfiction
Women Astronomers (978-0-9728929-5-7) Stone Pine Press
The Bite of the Mango (978-1-55451-158-7) by Mariatu Kamara and Susan McClelland, Annick Press
Yoga Exercises for Teens (978-0-89793-503-6) by Helen Purperhart and Barbara Van Amselfort (illustrator), Hunter House
Start Talking (978-1-886298-31-6) by Mary Jo Rapini & Janine Sherman, Bayou Publishing