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Foreword reaches millions of book trade professionals and book-lovers each year through our busy website, email newsletter, and large social media following. You can count on coverage of your INDIES Finalist status across all of our digital platforms. But you can also highlight your book's status by taking advantage of specially branded opportunities designed exclusively for INDIES, including:

Get Foil Seals for Your Book Cover

Finalist digital imprint. One way to grab readers attention is by adding a foil seal to the cover that lets readers know this is an award contender. Whether an ebook or physical book, we can accommodate you with proper image with a digital file or physical seals.

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Print Ads: INDIES Finalist Group Ad

At just $305, our group print ads are low-cost, high-impact 1/10 page spots that include the book cover and important bibliographic information, all specially highlighted as INDIES finalist in our May/June 2022 issue. Choose the "Foreword INDIES Finalists" option during sign up and we’ll get you sorted in the proper category. The deadline for registration with this option is April 5th. See examples.

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Like you, we have a variety of formats to reach our reader’s needs. Foreword Reviews print edition, Foreword's website, and our weekly email newsletter, Foreword This Week, are a few of the ways you can reach our captive audience of librarians, booksellers, agents, and avid readers looking to us for the best in independent publishing.

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We can help create a custom approach to reaching Foreword’s entire audience. Contact Victoria Sutherland at or Stacy Price at