Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2020 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

Asperfell (978-1-949671-06-3) by Jamie Thomas, Uproar Books
Enok and the Womb of Gods (978-0-648-77030-5) by André SkoroBogáty, Lost World Tributes
I Know How This Ends (978-1-948018-64-7) by Amy Impellizzeri, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit (978-1-5255-6533-5) by Valerie Dunsmore, FriesenPress
Road Seven (978-1-946154-29-3) by Keith Rosson, Meerkat Press
Ship of Fates (978-1-941360-31-6) by Caitlin Chung, Lanternfish Press
The Guardians of Erum and the Calamitous Child of Socotra (978-9948-34454-4) by A. Ali Hasan Ali, Self Publisher
The Ninety-Two (978-1-73505-871-9) by M.B. Swerdlow
The Sword Brotherhood (978-0-648-43724-6) by S.J. Hartland, Dark Blade Publishing
A Small Earnest Question (978-0-8253-0892-5) by J.F. Riordan, Beaufort Books
All the Acorns on the Forest Floor (978-1-68442-529-7) by Kim Hooper, Turner Publishing
An Oddity of Some Consequence (978-1-73440-150-9) Pairings
Bells for Eli (978-0-88146-737-6) by Susan Beckham Zurenda, Mercer University Press
Cuppy and Stew (978-1-73338-641-8) by Eric Goodman, IF SF Publishing, San Francisco, CA
Half the Terrible Things (978-1-946163-18-9) North Dakota State University Press
The Almighty Father (979-867148704-6) Diane Wagner
The Distance from Four Points (978-1-60801-179-7) by Margo Orlando Littell, University of New Orleans Press
The Likely World (978-1-59709-808-3) Red Hen Press
The Talking Drum (978-1-77133-741-0) by Lisa Braxton, Inanna Publications
Things Worth Burying (978-1-77186-204-2) by Matt Mayr, Baraka Books
Treasure of the Blue Whale (978-1-64603-004-0) by Steven Mayfield, Regal House Publishing
Wanting Radiance (978-1-949669-14-5) by Karen Salyer McElmurray, University Press of Kentucky
A Wolf by the Ears (978-2-62534503-2) University of Massachusetts Press
Billy (the Kid) (978-1-59181-302-6) Sentient Publications
Child Bride (978-1-68463-038-7) SparkPress
L'Origine (237-0-00-079914-2) by Lilianne Milgrom, Little French Girl Press
Mortal Music (978-1-4926-9947-7) by Ann Parker, Poisoned Pen Press
No Truth Left to Tell (978-1-62634-697-0) Greenleaf Book Group
Old Abe (978-1-64572-016-4) by John Cribb, Republic Book Publishers
The Anatomist's Tale (978-1-941360-33-0) by Tauno Biltsted, Lanternfish Press
The Lines Between Us (978-1-63152-743-2) She Writes Press
The Paper Daughters of Chinatown (978-1-62972-782-0) Shadow Mountain Publishing
The Road to Delano (978-1-64428-031-7) by John DeSimone, Rare Bird
The Secret Music at Tordesillas (978-0-9994915-3-9) Hidden River Press
Always Greener (978-1-949671-04-9) by J.R.H. Lawless, Uproar Books
Arnold Falls (978-1-79233-215-9) by Charlie Suisman, KDP
Dirty Birds (978-1-55081-807-9) Breakwater Books
Five Times Lucky (978-1-73598-160-4) Chelsea Press
The Big Tow (978-1-61294-183-7) by Ann McMan, Bywater Books
The Lost Gospel of Donald (978-1-09-830600-7) BookBaby
Weird Pig (978-1-73203-997-1) Southeast Missouri State University Press
Adam Bomb (978-1-64108-241-9) by Kilby Blades, Dreamspinner Press
As If Death Summoned (978-1-61294-185-1) by Alan Rose, Amble Press
Carousel (978-1-77133-713-7) by April Ford, Inanna Publications
Dr. Sad (978-1-77385-103-7) by David Bateman, University of Calgary Press
Elegy for the Undead (978-1-941360-45-3) by Matthew Vesely, Lanternfish Press
Flight to the Horizon (978-1-63555-331-4) by Julie Tizard, Bold Strokes Books
Flowers by Night (978-0-578-81983-9)
Lucky (978-1-63555-510-3) by Kris Bryant, Bold Strokes Books
Nottingham (978-1-61294-165-3) by Anna Burke, Bywater Books
The Venetian and the Rum Runner (978-1-64230-093-2) by L.A. Witt and Michael Ferraiuolo (narrator)
Above Us the Milky Way (978-1-64605-002-4) by Fowzia Karimi, Deep Vellum
Breasts and Eggs (978-1-60945-587-3) Europa Editions
Duplicity (978-1-947175-43-3) by Peter Selgin, Serving House Books
Edendale (978-1-951971-01-4) by Jacquelyn Stolos, Creature Publishing
Loudmouth (978-1-941110-92-8) Three Rooms Press
Mannequin and Wife (978-0-8071-7391-6) LSU Press
The Beforeland (978-1-946724-38-0) Acre Books
The Lying Life of Adults (978-1-60945-591-0) by Elena Ferrante and Ann Goldstein (translator), Europa Editions
The Memory Monster (978-1-63206-271-0) by Yishai Sarid and Yardenne Greenspan (translator), Restless Books
Things We'll Need for the Coming Difficulties (978-0-9990050-7-1) Willow Springs Books
Where You're All Going (978-1-946448-50-7) by Joan Frank, Sarabande Books
An Imperfect Time (978-1-950423-18-7) by Bronislaw Wildstein and Mateusz Juliecki (translator), Winged Hussar Publishing
Each of Us Killers (978-1-73336-726-4) 7.13 Books
Inconvenient Daughter (978-1-61775-709-9) by Lauren J. Sharkey, Kaylie Jones Books/Akashic Books
Popol Vuh (978-1-63206-240-6) Restless Books
Restless Spirits (978-1-4384-7864-7) by William S. Yellow Robe, Jr. and Jace Weaver (editor), SUNY Press
Subduction (978-1-59709-892-2) by Kristen Millares Young, Red Hen Press
The Royal Abduls (978-1-942436-41-6) by Ramiza Shamoun Koya, Forest Avenue Press
Where the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow (978-1-73323-329-3) Galaxy Galloper Press
You Look Something (978-1-948018-74-6) by Jessica Mehta, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
A Child Lost (978-1-63152-836-1) She Writes Press
All We Buried (978-1-64385-291-1) Crooked Lane
Glass Eels, Shattered Sea (978-1-63381-216-1) by Charlene D'Avanzo, Maine Authors Publishing
Red Canvas (978-1-948051-52-1) Red Adept
Saving Tuna Street (978-1-61153-330-9) by Nancy Nau Sullivan, Light Messages
Should Grace Fail (978-1-60381-768-4) Coffeetown Press
The Burn Patient (978-1-942856-45-0) Literary Wanderlust
The Pinebox Vendetta (978-1-73225-525-8) by Jeff Bond, Jeff Bond Books
The Transaction (978-1-77183-454-4) by Guglielmo D'Izzia, Guernica Editions
Thieves (978-1-949711-74-5) by C.R. Fulton, Bluewater Publications
Afraid of the Light (978-0-8254-4657-3) by Cynthia Ruchti, Kregel Publications
Beloved Comrades (978-1-68114-523-5) by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Anaphora Literary Press
Beyond the Ghetto Gates (978-1-63152-850-7) by Michelle Cameron, She Writes Press
Burying Daisy Doe (978-0-8254-4652-8) by Ramona Richards, Kregel Publications
Mary and Martha (978-1-5244-1442-9) Covenant Communications
Of Green Stuff Woven (978-1-61153-336-1) by Cathleen Bascom, Light Messages Publishing
Temple Dancer (978-0-9747380-6-2) by Amy Weintraub, Tumamoc Press
This Is All He Asks of You (978-1-78904-353-2) by Anne Egseth, Roundfire Books
Cuttle (978-1-951796-00-6) by Chelsea Britain, Bleau Press
Flight to the Horizon (978-1-63555-331-4) by Julie Tizard, Bold Strokes Books
Forget Me Not (978-1-5244-1335-4) by Sarah M. Eden, Covenant Communications
Iditarod Nights (978-1-947845-13-8) Ooligan Press
Smash and Grab (978-1-73445-052-1) by Lori Matthews, Wild Coyote Press
Spooning Leads to Forking (978-1-73386-749-8) by Kilby Blades, Luxe Press
Straight Uphill (978-1-61179-394-9) Cortero/Fireship Press
The Feasting Virgin (978-1-61294-173-8) by Georgia Kolias, Bywater Books
The Gentleman and the Thief (978-1-62972-790-5) by Sarah M. Eden, Shadow Mountain Publishing
The Holiday Treatment (978-1-63555-660-5) by Elle Spencer, Bold Strokes Books
Science Fiction
A Diary in the Age of Water (978-1-77133-737-3) by Nina Munteanu, Inanna Publications
Death's Door (978-1-946161-15-4) by April White, Corazon Entertainment
Echoes of Darkness (978-0-9897608-6-7) by Cheryl Campbell, Sonar Press
Edge of Light (978-0-9884193-1-5) Bandwagon Press
Gates of Mars (978-1-73451-970-9) by Kathleen McFall and Clark Hays, Pumpjack Press
I Can't Get You Out of My Mind (978-1-77166-577-3) Book*hug Press
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 36 (978-1-61986-659-1) Galaxy Press
Purged Souls (978-1-64388-249-9) by Kagan Tumer, Luminare Press
The Vatican Games (978-1-913136-31-4) Clink Street
Venus Remembered (978-0-9830945-7-9) Fahrenheit Books
Short Stories
Animal Wife (978-1-59709-884-7) Red Hen Press
Each of Us Killers (978-1-73336-726-4) 7.13 Books
Girl on a Float (978-1-946163-14-1) North Dakota State University Press
How to Walk on Water and Other Stories (978-1-941561-22-5) by Rachel Swearingen, New American Press
Mannequin and Wife (978-0-8071-7391-6) LSU Press
Moonflower, Nightshade, All the Hours of the Day (978-1-941423-05-9) by JD Scott, Lake Forest College Press
Peripheral Visions and Other Stories (978-1-950730-40-7) by Nancy Christie, Unsolicited Press
The Road to Woop Woop and Other Stories (978-1-946154-31-6) by Eugen Bacon, Meerkat Press
Things We'll Need for the Coming Difficulties (978-0-9990050-7-1) Willow Springs Books
We Were Lucky with the Rain (978-1-945588-55-6) by Susan Buttenwieser and Martha Rhodes (editor), Four Way Books
Thriller & Suspense
Dead Air (978-0-7443-0001-7) by Michael Bradley, CamCat Books
Dead Men's Silence (978-0-7443-0071-0) by James Lindholm, CamCat Books
Deprivation (978-1-946154-21-7) by Roy Freirich, Meerkat Press
Dragon Head (978-0-9586664-8-0) by James Houston Turner, Regis Books
How Fire Runs (978-0-8040-1228-7) by Charles Dodd White, Swallow/Ohio University Press
Justifiable Deceit (978-1-944972-00-4) Warrington Publishing
Prime Impact (978-1-945448-63-8) by C.W. Saari, BQB Publishing
The Ancestor (978-1-64396-114-9) by Lee Matthew Goldberg, All Due Respect
The Leonardo Gulag (978-1-60809-381-6) by Kevin Doherty, Oceanview Publishing
The Spiderling (978-1-937054-58-8) by Marcia Preston, The RoadRunner Press
Tokyo Traffic (978-1-942410-19-5) Raked Gravel Press
West of Sin (978-1-73401-570-6) by Wesley S. Lewis, Red Granite Press
War & Military
A Bend in the River (978-1-938733-67-3) The Red Herrings Press
A Ritchie Boy (978-1-63152-739-5) She Writes Press
Acceleration Hours (978-1-948908-62-7) University of Nevada Press
Bishop's Law (978-0-9970919-4-6) Rafael Amadeus Hines
Finnegan Found (978-0-578-68639-4) by John N. Powers
Flower of Iowa (978-0-578-64934-4) Distant Mirror Press
Shades of the Deep Blue Sea (978-0-9821207-0-5) Vire Press
Soldiers of Freedom (978-1-943593-27-9) by Samuel Marquis, Mount Sopris Publishing
Storms from a Clear Sky (978-1-73492-820-4) by Denise Frisino, Detail by Denise

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure, Sports & Recreation
Get Up & Fight (978-1-73608-900-2) All She Wrote Productions
Same Players, Different Game (978-0-8263-6129-5) by John C. Barnes, University of New Mexico Press
Stand Up and Shout Out (978-1-5381-2597-7) by Joan Steidinger, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Still Sideways (978-1-938340-89-5) by Devon Raney, Patagonia
When Lions Were Kings (978-0-8143-3427-0) Wayne State University Press
Alex Katz (978-0-8478-6618-2) Rizzoli Electa
C. Curry Bohm (978-0-253-05054-0) by Daniel Kraft, Gregg Hertzlieb, and Jim Ross, Indiana University Press
Chinese Contemporary Jewelry Design (978-0-7643-6028-2) Schiffer Publishing
Cy Twombly (978-0-87846-874-4) MFA Publications
Dreams Unreal (978-0-8263-6150-9) by Titus O’Brien and Scott B. Montgomery (contributor), University of New Mexico Press
Kenturah Davis: Everything That Cannot Be Known (978-0-578-72511-6) SCAD University Press
Master, Pupil, Follower (978-0-915977-18-5) by Robert Randolf Coleman, Nelda Damiano, and Benedetta Spadaccini, Georgia Museum of Art
Modernism Foretold (978-0-915977-43-7) by Asen Kirin and Katherine Marsengill, Georgia Museum of Art
Relicarios (978-1-934491-74-4) Fresco Books
The Louvre: The History, The Collections, The Architecture (978-0-8478-6893-3) Rizzoli Electa
Wayne Thiebaud 100 (978-1-08-750117-8) Pomegranate
Writing the Future (978-0-87846-871-3) MFA Publications
Autobiography & Memoir
A Farewell to Arms, Legs and Jockstraps (978-1-68435-115-2) by Diana K. Shah, Red Lightning Books
Between Two Millstones, Book 2 (978-0-268-10900-4) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Clare Kitson (translator), and Melanie Moore (translator), University of Notre Dame Press
Breaking Open (978-1-08-789930-5) Melinda Banks
Fight or Submit (978-1-77041-566-9) ECW Press
Grief's Country (978-0-8143-4739-3) Wayne State University Press
How to Survive Death and Other Inconveniences (978-1-4962-1409-6) by Sue William Silverman, Unversity of Nebraska Press
I Am Not Your Slave (978-1-64160-237-2) by Tupa Tjipombo and Chris Lockhart, Chicago Review Press
Just an Ordinary Woman Breathing (978-0-8142-5567-4) by Julie Marie Wade, Mad Creek Books
Master of Deception (978-1-64428-143-7) by John-Ivan Palmer, Rare Bird Books
More Alike Than Different (978-1-63388-628-5) Prometheus
Poetic License (978-1-63152-711-1) She Writes Press
Resilience Is Futile (978-1-77113-469-9) by Julie S. Lalonde, Between the Lines
The Journalist (978-1-68463-065-3) by Jerry Rose and Lucy Rose Fischer, SparkPress
Unglued (978-1-63337-376-1) Boyle & Dalton
Cyrus the Great (978-1-68442-437-5) by Stephen Dando-Collins, Turner Publishing
Fearless (978-1-4384-7963-7) by Neil Thomas Proto, Excelsior Editions
John Berryman and Robert Giroux (978-0-268-10841-0) by Patrick Samway, University of Notre Dame Press
Peekaboo (978-0-9903287-2-8) by Jeff Lenburg, Moonwater Press
The Demons of Leonard Cohen (978-0-7766-3120-2) by Francis Mus, University of Ottawa Press
The Taste of Longing (978-1-77113-489-7) by Suzanne Evans, Between the Lines
Body, Mind & Spirit
Conquer Your Karmic Relationships (978-0-9963907-6-7) by Stephen Miller (editor), Michael J. Penn (illustrator), and Christian McBride (contributor), GoTracee Publishing
Exit the Maze (978-0-578-59545-0) by Donna Marks, Westward Publishing
Firefighter Zen (978-1-60868-688-9) New World Library
Priestess (978-0-648-59178-8) by Julie Parker, The Kind Press
The Athena Principles (979-863542262-5) Collabria Publishing
The Chronicles of Bizah (978-1-897238-89-9) Namaste Publishing
The Soul's Twins (978-0-7643-6060-2) Schiffer Publishing
The YOU Beyond You (978-0-578-72627-4) by Ramzi Naijar, Ramzi Najjar
Unshakable Awareness (978-1-73496-581-0) by Richard L Haight, Hester Lee Furey (editor), and Nathaniel Dasco (illustrator), Shinkaikan Body, Mind, Spirit
Weekly Soul (978-1-950328-47-5) by Frederic C. Craigie, Jr., MSI Press
Business & Economics
Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring (978-1-5230-8589-7) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Create the Future (978-1-73243-914-6) Fast Company Press
Elevated Economics (978-1-73432-484-6) Fast Company Press
Fast-Track Your Business (978-0-9710086-2-5) by Laura Patterson, Violetear Press
Honest to Greatness (978-1-948836-50-0) by Peter Kozodoy, BenBella Books
Invisible Solutions (978-1-64543-186-2) by Stephen Shapiro, Amplify Publishing
Lunch with Lucy (978-1-73347-810-6) An Inc. Original
Mission Metamorphosis (978-1-73243-918-4) Fast Company Press
Profit like the Pros (978-1-947200-31-9) by Ken Corsini, BiggerPockets Publishing
Radical Alignment (978-1-68364-605-1) Sounds True
The Brand-Driven CEO (978-1-4426-4985-9) by David Kincaid, University of Toronto Press
The Culture Quotient (978-1-64687-017-2) IdeaPress Publishing
Beyond the Academic Gateway (978-0-7766-2894-3) University of Ottawa Press
Bigger, Better, Braver (978-1-970107-12-8) by Nancy Pickard, Top Reads Publishing
Develop (978-1-950665-35-8) by Ted Fleming, BenBella Books
Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish (978-1-62634-682-6) by Peter Yawitz, Greenleaf Book Group
Heartfelt Leadership (978-1-73407-613-4) by Mark Goulston (contributor), Business World Rising, LLC
Quiet Is a Superpower (978-1-5230-8845-4) by Jill Chang 張瀞仁, Sarah Modlin (editor), Timothy Smith (translator), and Natalie Hoyt (narrator), Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Too Good to Be True (979-861442827-3) Paul Redvers Brown
Understanding Startup CEO’s (978-1-64687-012-7) IdeaPress Publishing
Whatever Works (978-1-950665-09-9) by Thalma Lobel, BenBella Books
You're Worth It! (978-1-09-831504-7) by Ha-Keem Abdel-Khaliq, Dream Publishing (Self published)
CO Specs (978-1-916215-50-4) Cazerac
Cooking with Marika (978-0-578-61025-2) by Marika Blossfeldt, Paulette Schneider (editor), Kristel Karp (illustrator), Hele-Mai Alamaa (photographer), and Külli Kuusik (designer), Delicious Nutrition
Naturally, Delicious Desserts (978-1-4236-5537-4) Gibbs Smith Publisher
Roche (978-0-578-55051-0) Culinary Book Creations
The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook (978-1-68188-503-2) Weldon Owen
The Pasta Codex: 1001 Recipes (978-0-8478-6874-2) Rizzoli New York
The World Eats Here (978-1-61519-663-0) by John Wang and Storm Garner, The Experiment
Women's Heritage Sourcebook (978-1-59962-155-5) Welcome Books
Ecology & Environment
Antarctica (978-0-8478-6886-5) Rizzoli New York
Red Gold (978-1-5179-0851-5) by Jennifer E. Telesca, University of Minnesota Press
Salmon (978-1-938340-86-4) by Mark Kurlansky, Patagonia
Solved (978-1-4875-0682-7) by David Miller, University of Toronto Press
The Elements We Live By (978-1-61519-645-6) The Experiment
The Good Ancestor (978-1-61519-730-9) The Experiment
The Story of Co2 (978-1-4875-0636-0) by Geoffrey A. Ozin and Mireille F. Ghoussoub, University of Toronto Press
Tree Story (978-1-4214-3777-4) by Valerie Trouet, Johns Hopkins University Press
Academia Next (978-1-4214-3642-5) by Bryan Alexander, Johns Hopkins University Press
Cognitive Load Theory (978-1-78583-501-8) by Steve Garnett, Crown House Publishing
Collaboration for Career and Technical Education (978-1-949539-67-7) by Wendy Custable and Paul C. Farmer, Solution Tree Press
Emotional Poverty, Volume 2 (978-1-948244-36-7) aha! Process, Inc.
Let's Put the C in PLC (978-1-73574-620-3) Next Learning Solutions Press
Reconceptualizing Teacher Education (978-0-7766-3112-7) University of Ottawa Press
Secret Kindness Agents (978-1-60808-240-7) by Ferial Pearson, WriteLife Publishing
The Math(s) Fix (978-1-57955-029-5) Wolfram Media
The School Choice Roadmap (978-0-8253-0932-8) by Andrew Campanella, Beaufort Books
Waldorf Education (978-0-9647832-6-3) by Pamela Johnson Fenner (editor), Michaelmas Press
When Are We Going to Teach Health? (978-1-5445-0761-3) Lioncrest Publishing
Zest for Learning (978-1-78583-401-1) by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer, Crown House Publishing
Beyond Repair (978-1-59709-436-8) Red Hen Press
Disparates (978-1-4962-0244-4) University of Nebraska Press
Hear Me Ohio (978-1-62922-178-6) by Jen Hirt, University of Akron Press
Slow Arrow (978-1-73295-214-0) by Kathryn Winograd, Saddle Road Press
Terroir (978-1-59534-932-3) by Natasha Sajé, Trinity University Press
The Best of Brevity (978-1-941628-23-2) by Zoë Bossiere (editor) and Dinty W. Moore (editor), Rose Metal Press
The River Always Wins (978-1-64605-008-6) by David Marquis, La Reunion Publishing
Family & Relationships
Caregiving Done Differently (978-1-73361-200-5) The Common Sense Approach
First Generation Father (978-1-5445-1602-8) Everything Connects Media
Here to Make Friends (978-1-64604-004-9) Ulysses Press
How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change (978-0-86571-936-1) by Harriet Shugarman, New Society Publishers
Learning in Lockdown (978-0-578-81541-1) by Dylan Meikle and Kate Meikle, Macquarie Publishing Pty Ltd
Polysecure (978-1-944934-98-9) Thorntree Press
Safe Infant Sleep (978-1-930775-76-3) by James J. McKenna, Platypus Media
The A–Z of Intermarriage (978-1-4875-0678-0) by Rabbi Denise Handlarski, University of Toronto Press
The ABCs of Diversity (978-0-8272-0093-7) by Carolyn B. Helsel and Y. Joy Harris-Smith, Chalice Press
The Monster under the Bed (978-1-944934-93-4) by JoEllen Notte, Thorntree Press
The New Adolescence (978-1-948836-54-8) by Christine Carter, BenBella Books
What They Don't Teach Teens (978-1-61035-358-8) Quill Driver Books
A Chronicle of Grief (978-0-8308-3760-1) InterVarsity Press
A Grief Sublime (978-1-73408-990-5) by Beth Robbins, Keats & Company Publishers
Boldly into the Darkness (978-1-63489-357-2) by Autumn Toelle-Jackson, Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Giving Grief Meaning (978-1-64250-313-5) Mango Publishing
Restored (978-1-949813-07-4) by Marilyn Willis and Rachelle Walker (editor), Marilyn C F Willis
The Evening of Life (978-0-268-10802-1) by Joseph E. Davis (editor) and Paul Scherz (editor), University of Notre Dame Press
The Mourning Report (978-1-947003-83-5) by Caitlin Garvey, Homebound Publications
Emotional Fossils (978-0-578-60167-0) KDP Amazon
FoodWISE (978-1-62317-391-3) by Gigi Berardi, North Atlantic Books
Medicare for Dummies (978-1-119-68993-5) Wiley
Rebel Cell (978-1-950665-30-3) by Kat Arney, BenBella Books
Sleep It Off (978-1-73569-750-5) Allon-Z Press
The Future of Nutrition (978-1-950665-70-9) by T. Colin Campbell, BenBella Books
The Health Care Consumer's Manifesto (978-1-4408-7404-8) Praeger
The Opioid Fix (978-1-4214-3765-1) by Barbara Andraka-Christou, Johns Hopkins University Press
Why We Get Sick (978-1-948836-98-2) by Benjamin Bikman, BenBella Books
Yoga After 50 For Dummies (978-1-119-63151-4) Wiley
America's National Historic Trails (978-0-8478-6885-8) Rizzoli New York
Brown Church (978-0-8308-5285-7) by Robert Chao and Robert Chao Romero, IVP Academic
Lincoln’s First Crisis (978-0-8117-3940-5) Stackpole Books
Pier 21 (978-0-7766-3136-3) University of Ottawa Press, CMH, and CMI
The Brownsville Texas Incident of 1906 (978-1-943267-92-7) Red Engine Press
The Cabinet (978-0-674-98648-0) Belknap Imprint, Harvard University Press
The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902 (978-1-64012-358-8) by Scott D. Seligman, Potomac Books (University of Nebraska Press)
The Ku Klux Klan in the Heartland (978-0-253-05218-6) by James H. Madison, Indiana University Press
Time to Lead (978-1-73432-482-2) Fast Company Press
Hobbies & Home
Designing History (978-0-8478-6479-9) Rizzoli New York
Painting the Elements (978-0-7643-5953-8) Schiffer Publishing
Repair Revolution (978-1-60868-660-5) New World Library
Simply Wood (978-0-8117-3858-3) Stackpole Books
Birth and Other Surprises (978-1-73455-230-0) IngramSpark
Embrace Your Southern, Sugar! (978-1-4236-5399-8) Gibbs Smith Publisher
Female. Likes Cheese. Comes with Dog. (978-1-73442-480-5) by Lauren Peacock, LC Entertainment
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