Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2010 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

Cephrael's Hand (978-0-9906291-6-0) by Melissa McPhail, Outskirts Press
Contention (978-1-4502-1373-8) by Aaron T. Brownell, iUniverse
Fortuna (978-1-933515-77-9) by Michael R. Stevens, Oceanview Publishing
I, Benjamin (978-0-929701-90-5) by Theodore Enslin, McPherson
Murder at Avedon Hill (978-1-897492-10-9) by P.G. Holyfield, Dragon Moon Press
Scimitar Sun (978-1-897492-17-8) by Chris A. Jackson and Alex White (illustrator), Dragon Moon Press
The Fruit of the Dendragon Tree (978-1-4327-5670-3) by Paul H Deepan, Outskirts Press, Inc.
Twilight's Ashes (978-1-4502-4549-4) by Auler Ivis, iUniverse
Twisted Tails V (978-1-55404-733-8) by J. Richard Jacobs, Editor, Double Dragon Publishing
Wolfsbane Winter (978-1-60282-158-3) by Jane Fletcher, Bold Strokes Books
Gay & Lesbian
I Came Out For This? (978-1-932859-73-7) by Lisa Gitlin, Bywater Books
Parallel Lies (978-1-932859-75-1) by Stella Duffy, Bywater Books
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers (978-1-4502-4708-5) by I. E. Woodward, iUniverse
The Big Bang Symphony (978-0-299-23500-0) by Lucy Jane Bledsoe, The University of Wisconsin Press
The Carousel (978-0-9646648-9-0) by Stefani Deoul, A&M Books
The Perfect Family (978-1-60282-181-1) by Kathryn Shay
Torn (978-0-9795933-6-9) by Amber Lehman, Closet Case Press
Unmentionables (978-1-4537-2135-3) by David Greene, CreateSpace
Almost Lost, Nearly Found (978-0-9798824-2-5) by Nancy Hammerslough, Brown Barn Books
Down Memory Lane (978-1-4327-6785-3) by Linette Arthurton Bruno, Outskirts Press
Duckegg (978-1-4327-5922-3) by NovaMelia, Outskirts Press, Inc
Lead Me Home (978-0-9841870-6-5) by Niles Reddick, RoseHeart Publishing/HeartLand Imprint
Local Tribes (978-1-4520-4365-4) by Thomas Hansen Hickenbottom, AuthorHouse
Matterhorn (978-1-4417-4230-8) by Karl Marlantes and Read by Bronson Pinchot (illustrator), Blackstone Audio
My Waltzing Egypt (978-0-9827378-8-0) by Aabeid Salama, Thunder House Books
No Hope for Gomez! (978-1-4327-5248-4) by Graham Parke, Outskirts Press, Inc.
Stolen Horses (978-0-8032-3108-5) by Dan O'Brien, University of Nebraska Press
The Bridge Club (978-1-4502-4135-9) by Patricia Sands, iUniverse
The Burning Jacket (978-1-892076-74-8) by Nel Rand, Dancing Moon Press
Waterfall Dance (978-1-4536-2947-5) by Andrew Quinn, Stories That Stir
A Summer without Dawn (978-1-56656-802-9) by Agop J. Hacikyan, Jean-Yves Soucy, Christina Le Vernoy (translator), and Joyce Bailey (translator), Interlink Books/Interlink Publishing Group
By Fire, By Water (978-1-59051-352-1) by Mitchell James Kaplan, Other Press
Cascade (978-976-640233-4) by Barbara Lalla, University of the West Indies Press
Eden Springs (978-0-8143-3464-5) by Laura Kasischke, Wayne State University Press
Splendid Isolation (978-0-9809163-0-0) by Pamela Bauer Mueller, Pinata Publishing
The Cigar Maker (978-0-615-34340-2) by Mark Carlos McGinty and Kevin Cannon (illustrator), Seventh Avenue Productions
The Death of the Brown Americano (978-1-4502-6698-7) by Jose N. Uranga, iUniverse
The DeValera Deception (978-1-936274-08-6) by Michael McMenamin & Patrick McMenamin, Enigma Books
The Fairest Portion of the Globe (978-0-9777636-0-3) by Frances Hunter, Blind Rabbit Press
The Last Jump (978-1-4327-5561-4) by John E. Nevola, Outskirts Press, Inc.
The Prophet of Sorrow (978-0-9844627-0-4) by Mark Van Aken Williams, Lucky Press
The Regiment's Woman (978-1-84897-014-4) by Robert Kerby, Olympia Publishers
Who Occupies This House (978-0-8101-5211-3) by Kathleen Hill, TriQuarterly Books/Northwestern University
Blood Sacraments (978-1-60282-190-3) by Todd Gregory, Bold Strokes Books
Darkened Hills (978-1-4538-4485-4) by Gary Lee Vincent, Burning Bulb Publishing
Demon Dance (978-1-906584-09-2) by Sam Stone, The House of Murky Depths
The House at Miller's Court (978-0-9846195-2-8) by K. Patrick Malone, A-Argus Books
The Midnight Hunt (978-1-60282-140-8) by L.L. Raand, Bold Strokes Books
Toothless (978-1-897492-18-5) by J.P. Moore and Scott Purdy (cover) (illustrator), Dragon Moon Press
A Good High Place (978-0-87580-635-8) by L.E. Kimball, Switchgrass Books
Beauties (978-1-886157-74-3) by Mary Troy, BkMk Press University of Missouri-Kansas City
Breathing, In Dust (978-0-89672-672-7) by Tim Z. Hernandez, Texas Tech University Press
Cassie Draws the Universe (978-1-4502-4379-7) by P. S. Baber, iUniverse
John Doe No. 2 and the Dreamland Motel (978-0-87580-640-2) by Kenneth Womack, Switchgrass Books
Journey To Virginland (978-1-935097-51-8) by Armen Melikian, Two Harbors
Lord of Misrule (978-0-929701-83-7) by Jaimy Gordon, McPherson and Company
Mink River (978-0-87071-585-3) by Brian Doyle, Oregon State University Press
The Consequence of Skating (978-0-9826228-7-2) by Steven Gillis, Black Lawrence Press
The Dissemblers (978-1-57962-205-3) by Liza Campbell, The Permanent Press
The Eden Hunter (978-1-58243-609-8) by Skip Horack, Counterpoint Press
The Peculiar Boars of Malloy (978-0-87580-633-4) by Doug Crandell, Switchgrass Books
The Quickening (978-1-59051-346-0) by Michelle Hoover, Other Press
Toads' Museum of Freaks and Wonders (978-1-930974-88-3) by Goldie Goldbloom, New Issues Poetry & Prose
Bai Ganyo (978-0-299-23694-6) by Aleko Konstantinov, Victor A. Friedman (editor, translator), Catherine Rudin (translator), Christina E. Kramer (translator), and Grace E. Fielder (translator), The University of Wisconsin Press
Conflict Contract (978-1-935270-02-7) by Jonathan Miller, Cool Titles
My Waltzing Egypt (978-0-9827378-8-0) by Aabeid Salama, Thunder House Books
The Burning Veil (978-0-9825074-1-4) by Jean Grant, Mishmish Press
The Deer Dancer (978-0-916251-00-0) by Gary Winters, Jaguar Tales
The Ghosts of Anatolia (978-0-9729480-3-6) by Steven E. Wilson, HG Books
Book of Nathan (978-1-933515-91-5) by Curt Weeden and Richard Marek, Oceanview Publishing
Broken Places (978-1-59058-653-2) by Sandra Parshall, Poisoned Pen Press
Deadlines (978-1-935448-04-4) by Paul McHugh, Lost Coast Press
File No. 113 (978-0-9802175-5-1) by Emile Gaboriau, translated by Nina Cooper, Distinction Press
In All My Sad Dreaming (978-0-9824329-1-4) by John Caulfield, Better Karma Publishing
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers (978-1-4502-4708-5) by I. E. Woodward, iUniverse
Shelf Ice (978-0-9785732-3-2) by Aaron Stander, Writers & Editors
The Kill (978-0-9841898-2-3) by Jan Neuharth, Paper Chase Farms Publishing Group
Water Mark (978-1-60282-179-8) by J.M. Redmann, Bold Strokes Books
A Season of Miracles (978-0-8254-4191-2) by Rusty Whitener, Kregel Publications
A Short Fuse Burning (978-1-77067-183-6) by Debra Currie and Cover photo supplied by Getty Images (illustrator), FriesenPress
Dreams (978-1-935270-03-4) by Brittany Glynn, Cool Titles
Fatal Loyalty (978-0-8254-2594-3) by Sue Duffy, Kregel Publications
Footsteps of St. Peter, The Early Years (978-0-9800451-5-4) by Mac McConnell, One Way Books
Heroes And Angels (978-1-4520-9939-2) by J.M. Norwood, AuthorHouse
The Burning Veil (978-0-9825074-1-4) by Jean Grant, Mishmish Press
Awakening to Sunlight (978-1-60282-143-9) by Lindsey Stone, Bold Strokes Books
Back to Normal (978-1-4327-5078-7) by Debbie Boucher, Outskirts Press, Inc.
Dreams (978-1-935270-03-4) by Brittany Glynn, Cool Titles
The Haunting of Wolfe Haven (978-1-4502-3806-9) by Debbie A. Heaton, iUniverse
Trauma Alert (978-1-60282-157-6) by Radclyffe, Bold Strokes Books
Truly, Everything (978-0-9822299-1-0) by J. R. Armstrong, Willowrose Publishing
What Cheer (978-1-888160-42-0) by Zachary Michael Jack, Tall Corn Books
Science Fiction
2012 The Awakening (978-1-4505-4879-3) by Bill Douglas and Illumination Corporation Publishing Designs (illustrator), Illumination Corporation Publishing
A Dangerous Weapon (978-1-4401-8409-3) by Charlton Clayes, iUniverse
Angel of Chaos (978-1-897492-12-3) by Nina Munteanu, Dragon Moon Press
Curse of the Legion (978-0-9825145-5-9) by Marshall S Thomas, Ridan
Destiny's Blood (978-1-897492-11-6) by Marie Bilodeau, Dragon Moon Press
Guardians of the Crystal Skulls (978-1-77067-224-6) by Linda Arena, FriesenPress
Our Jewish Robot Future (978-0-9824584-1-9) by Leonard Borman, Scarletta Press
Quick Fall of Light (978-1-936178-18-6) by Sherrida Woodley, Gray Dog Press
The Presence (978-0-9726007-4-3) by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
Short Stories
As If We Were Prey (978-0-8143-3477-5) by Michael Delp, Wayne State University Press
Georgic (978-1-886157-76-7) by Mariko Nagai, BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City
In Envy Country (978-0-268-02888-6) by Joan Frank, University of Notre Dame Press
In the Eyes, In the Mouth (978-1-935448-01-3) by Adrienne Ross, Lost Coast Press
Lessons in Another Language (978-1-935536-00-0) by Megan Staffel, Four Way Books
Mystery Stories (978-0-88984-337-0) by David Helwig, The Porcupine's Quill
News From Home (978-1-56656-803-6) by Sefi Atta, Interlink Books
Slut Lullabies (978-0-9753623-7-2) by Gina Frangello, Emergency Press
Still Life with Plums (978-1-933202-60-0) by Marie Manilla, Vandalia Press, imprint of West Virginia Univeristy Press
The Logic of the World and Other Fictions (978-0-929701-89-9) by Robert Kelly, McPherson
The Rest is Jungle (978-0-924047-68-8) by Mario Benedetti, Host Publications
The Taste of Penny (978-0-9825204-4-4) by Jeff Parker, Dzanc Books
Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls (978-0-9842133-5-1) by Alissa Nutting, Starcherone Books
Thriller & Suspense
And Then There Was One (978-1-933515-81-6) by Patricia Gussin, Oceanview Publishing
Fly By Wire (978-1-933515-86-1) by Ward Larsen, Oceanview Publishing
Frame Up (978-1-933515-63-2) by John F. Dobbyn, Oceanview Publishing
Havana Harvest (978-1-934572-55-9) by Robert Landori, Emerald Book Company
PushBack (978-1-4502-3432-0) by Alfred Wellnitz, iUniverse
Rooms (978-0-8054-4888-7) by James L. Rubart, Pure Enjoyment/ B&H Fiction
Set the Night on Fire (978-0-9840676-5-7) by Libby Fischer Hellmann, Allium Press of Chicago
Shedrow (978-0-9800377-6-0) by Dean M. DeLuke, Grey Swan Press
The DeValera Deception (978-1-936274-08-6) by Michael McMenamin & Patrick McMenamin, Enigma Books
The Eden Prescription (978-1-4392-7655-6) by Ethan Evers, BookSurge
The Savannah Project (978-1-936214-07-5) by Chuck Barrett, Switchback Publishing

Adult Nonfiction

Beyond Words (978-0-9741251-9-0) by Keren Taylor, editor, WriteGirl Publications
Camino del Sol (978-0-8165-2813-4) by Rigoberto Gonzlez, The University of Arizona Press
Moral Ground (978-1-59534-066-5) by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, Trinity University Press
Mouse Guard (978-1-932386-94-3) by Alex Kain, Lowell Francis, Guy Davis, Karl Kerschl, David Petersen (author, illustrator), Jeremy Bastian (author, illustrator), Alex Sheikman (author, illustrator), Ted Naifeh (author, illustrator), Mark Smylie (author, illustrator), Katie Cook (author, illustrator), Terry Moore (author, illustrator), Sean Rubin (illustrator), Gene Ha (illustrator), Guy Karl Kerschl (illustrator), and Craig R. (illustrator), Archaia Entertainment
The American Stage (978-1-59853-069-8) by Laurence Senelick, editor, The Library of America
The Anthology of Rap (978-0-300-14190-0) by Adam Bradley and Andrew Dubois, Yale University Press
The Best of Adventure (978-1-928619-97-0) by Doug Ellis (editor), Black Dog Books
The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry (978-0-9789848-8-5) by Gary L. McDowell and F. Daniel Rzicznek, Rose Metal Press
Thrillers (978-1-933515-56-4) by David Morrell (editor) and Hank Wagner (editor), Oceanview Publishing
Travels in a Gay Nation (978-0-299-23684-7) by Philip Gambone, University of Wisconsin Press
Voice From the Planet (978-0-615-36732-3) by Charles Degelman, Harvard Square Editions
Writers and Their Notebooks (978-1-57003-866-2) by Diana M. Raab, editor, University of South Carolina Press
A History of American Tonalism 1880-1920 (978-1-55595-302-7) by David A. Cleveland, Hudson Hills Press
Barbara Kruger (978-0-8478-3325-2) by Alexander Alberro, Hal Foster, Martha Gever, Barbara Kruger, Miwon Kwon, and Carol Squiers, Rizzoli New York
Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants (978-0-7893-1804-6) by Steven Brower and Various (illustrator), Universe/Rizzoli
Burning Forest (978-0-9650722-3-6) by Matthew Kangas, Museum of Northwest Art
Caravaggio (978-885720458-1) by Edited by Rossella Vodret and Francesco Buranelli, Skira, an imprint of Rizzoli New York
From Shadow to Light (978-1-60699-358-3) by Steven Brower and Mort Meskin (illustrator), Fantagraphics
Japanese Woodblock Prints (978-4-80531055-7) by Andreas Marks, Tuttle Publishing
Man, Myth, and Sensual Pleasures (978-0-300-16657-6) by Maryan Ainsworth, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sacred Passion (978-0-268-04417-6) by Gregory Wolfe, University of Notre Dame Press
The Art of Dahlov Ipcar (978-0-89272-809-1) by Carl Little and Dahlov Ipcar (illustrator), Down East Books
The Complete Graphics Of Eyvind Earle and selected writings and poems , 1940-1990 (978-0-9650587-3-5) by Eyvind Earle (author, illustrator), Eyvind Earle Publishing
The Horse (978-0-7892-1018-0) by Jean-Louis Gouraud, Michel Woronoff, and Henri-Paul Francfort, Abbeville Press
Autobiography & Memoir
A School for Others (978-1-4535-4088-6) by George LeBard, Xlibris
A Thousand Sisters (978-1-58005-296-2) by Lisa Shannon, Seal Press
Before My Heart Stops (978-1-60641-818-5) by Paul Cardall, Shadow Mountain Publishing
being Ana (978-1-4502-3777-2) by Shani Raviv, iUniverse
Boom Town Boy (978-1-935347-06-4) by Jack de Yonge, Epicenter Press
Boris Pasternak Family Correspondence 1921-1960 (978-0-8179-1024-2) by Nicolas Pasternak Slater, Hoover Institution Press
Builder's Apprentice (978-1-932399-24-0) by Andrew J. Hoffman, Huron River Press
Come Up and Get Me (978-0-8263-4803-6) by Colonel Joe Kittinger and Craig Ryan, University of New Mexico Press
Cover Me (978-0-8032-2623-4) by Sonya Huber, University of Nebraska Press
Create Dangerously (978-0-691-14018-6) by Edwidge Danticat, Princeton University Press
It's Easier to Reach Heaven than the End of the Street (978-1-56656-789-3) by Emma Williams, Olive Branch Press/Interlink Publishing Group
Joyce Wieland (978-0-88984-321-9) by Jane Lind (editor), The Porcupine's Quill
Professor Cromer Learns to Read (978-1-4490-6420-4) by Janet M. Cromer, AuthorHouse
Sleep in Me (978-0-8032-2535-0) by Jon Pineda, The University of Nebraska Press
The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating (978-1-56512-606-0) by Elisabeth Tova Bailey, Algonquin Books
To Kill a Tiger (978-1-59020-266-1) by Jid Lee, Overlook Press
When I Came West (978-0-8061-4059-9) by Laurie Wagner Buyer, University of Oklahoma Press
Archbishop Patrick John Ryan (978-1-4389-9823-7) by AuthorHouse, Patrick Ryan
Becoming Teddy Roosevelt (978-0-89272-784-1) by Andrew Vietze, Down East Books
Blazing Figures (978-1-55458-182-5) by J.A. Wainwright, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Blind But Now I See (978-1-933918-43-3) by Kent Gustavson, Blooming Twig Books
Bonhoeffer (978-1-59555-138-2) by Eric Metaxas, Thomas Nelson
Errol and Olivia (978-0-9711685-8-9) by Robert Matzen, GoodKnight Books/Paladin Communications
Heaven's Bride (978-0-465-00298-6) by Schmidt, Leigh Eric, Basic Books
J.B. Harkin (978-0-88864-512-8) by E.J. (Ted) Hart, University of Alberta Press
The Accidental Anarchist (978-0-9845563-0-4) by Bryna Kranzler, Crosswalk Press
The Admirable Radical (978-1-60635-051-5) by Carl Mirra, The Kent State University Press
The Hammersteins (978-1-57912-846-3) by Oscar Andrew Hammerstein, Black Dog and Leventhal
Toward the Endless Day (978-0-268-03385-9) by Olga Lossky, University of Notre Dame Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
As We Grieve (978-0-9842306-0-0) by Jan Groft, Graham House Books
Letting the Light In (978-0-7387-1973-3) by Philip M. Berk, Llewellyn Publications
New Self New World (978-1-55643-911-7) by Philip Shepherd, North Atlantic Books
Processmind (978-0-8356-0886-2) by Arnold Mindell, Quest Books
Snow Rising (978-1-60641-658-7) by Matt Baldwin, Shadow Mountain
SoulCollage Evolving (978-1-59275-021-4) by Seena B. Frost, Hanford Mead Publishers
The 12 Chinese Animals (978-1-84819-031-3) by Master Zhongxian Wu, Singing Dragon
The Barefoot Book (978-0-89793-554-8) by Daniel Howell, Hunter House Publishers
The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine (978-1-57749-237-5) by Linnie Thomas, HTCP, HTCI, MLW, Fairview Press
The Forgiveness Project (978-0-8254-2656-8) by Michael S. Barry, Kregel Press
Business & Economics
10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd (978-0-9827029-4-9) by Connie Podesta; Jean Gatz, Triple Nickel Press
Banktown (978-0-89587-381-1) by Rick Rothacker, John F. Blair
Brand Zeitgeist (978-1-4502-0679-2) by Chris Houchens, iUniverse
Fault Lines (978-0-691-14683-6) by Raghuram G. Rajan, Princeton University Press
Minitrends (978-1-884154-36-2) by Carrie Vanston and John H. Vanston, Technology Futures
Questions and Answers on Life Insurance (978-0-9845081-0-5) by Tony Steuer, Life Insurance Sage Press
Sacred Ground (978-1-59298-323-0) by Jeff Appelquist, Beaver's Pond Press
Selling Change (978-0-9822952-3-6) by Brett Clay, Greenleaf Book Group Press
Strategic Market Research (978-1-936236-16-9) by Anne E. Beall, iUniverse
The Company That Solved Health Care (978-1-935618-19-5) by John Torinus Jr., BenBella Books
The Intuitive Investor (978-1-59079-206-3) by Jason Apollo Voss, SelectBooks
Wild West 2.0 (978-0-8144-1509-2) by David Thompson and Michael Fertik, AMACOM Books
Asperger's on the Job (978-1-935274-09-4) by Rudy Simone, Future Horizons
Eliminated! Now What? (978-1-59357-816-9) by Jean Baur, JIST Publishing
Finally Growing Up (978-0-9768643-4-9) by Ed Morler, MBA, Sanai Publishing
How to Interview Like a Pro (978-1-4502-7089-2) by Mary Greenwood, iUniverse
I Found a Job! (978-1-59357-814-5) by Marcia Heroux Pounds, JIST Publishing
Jobpreneurship (TM) 101 (978-0-9827319-0-1) by Jim Villwock, Job Doctors International
No Sneakers at the Office (978-0-9845129-0-4) by Adam T. Scholl, LandMarc Press
Presentation Excellence (978-1-4392-6598-7) by Carlton C. Casler, CLB Publishing House
Recess Is Over! (978-1-4392-5834-7) by Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg and Not Applicable (illustrator), CreateSpace
The Bliss List (978-0-9840934-1-0) by J.P. Hansen, Career Bliss Publications
The Twitter Job Search Guide (978-1-59357-791-9) by Susan Britton Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan, and Deb Dib, JIST Publishing
America's Little Italys (978-1-4162-0609-5) by Sheryll Bellman, Sellers Publishing
Bis on Main (978-0-615-39462-6) by Joe Vilardi & James O. Fraioli, Culinary Book Creations
Brothers Cuisine (978-0-615-39680-4) by Matt & Jeff Nichols with James O. Fraioli, Culinary Book Creations
Flavors of Friuli (978-0-9703716-1-4) by Elisabeth Antoine Crawford, Equilibrio
French Cooking (978-2-08030146-8) by Foreword by Paul Bocuse, Written by Hubert Delorme and Vincent Boue and Photography by Clay McLachlan (illustrator), Flammarion, distributed by Rizzoli through Random House
From Terra's Table (978-0-9816222-2-4) by Jeff Rossman and Photographer, Paul Body (illustrator), Chefs Press
Greek Revival (978-1-57003-939-3) by Patricia Moore-Pastides, University of South Carolina Press
Sarabeth's Bakery (978-0-8478-3408-2) by Sarabeth Levine, Rick Rodgers, Foreword by Mimi Sheraton and Photography by Quentin Bacon (illustrator), Rizzoli New York
The Fishes and Dishes Cookbook (978-1-935347-07-1) by Kiyo Marsh, Laura K. Cooper, and Tomi Marsh, Epicenter Press
The Turkish Cookbook (978-1-56656-793-0) by Nur Ilkin and Sheilah Kaufman, Interlink Books/Interlink Publishing Group
Warm Bread and Honey Cake (978-1-56656-792-3) by Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra, photography by Vanessa Courtier, Interlink Books/Interlink Publishing Group
Winter Harvest Cookbook (978-0-86571-679-7) by Lane Morgan, New Society Publishers
Crafts & Hobbies
ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks... and More! (978-0-9651439-6-7) by Marci Baker, Alicia's Attic
Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions (978-0-9826270-0-6) by Amy Barickman
City Quilts (978-1-57120-847-7) by Cherri House, Stash Books an imprint of C&T Publishing
Embroiderers of Ninhue (978-0-89672-648-2) by Carmen Benavente, Texas Tech University Press
Furniture Repair and Restoration (978-1-58011-478-3) by Brian Hingley, Creative Homeowner
Socks Appeal (978-1-60705-194-7) by Brenna Maloney, Stash Books an imprint of C&T Publishing
Threads The basics and beyond (978-0-9825586-1-4) by Debbie Bates & Liz Kettle, Landauer Publishing
Welcome Home Kaffe Fassett (978-0-9825586-8-3) by Kaffe Fassett, Landauer Publishing
Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom (978-1-935274-08-7) by Beth Aune, Beth Burt, Peter Gennaro, Future Horizons
Boys in Poverty (978-1-935542-22-3) by Ruby K. Payne; Paul D. Slocumb, Solution Tree Press
Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom (978-1-935249-87-0) by Meg Ormiston, Solution Tree Press
From Fear to Facebook (978-1-56484-270-1) by Matt Levinson, ISTE
Get Smart About Tests (978-0-9714064-2-1) by Joseph D. Rocchio, Rocklin Publications
Life After High School (978-1-84905-828-5) by Christina Cacioppo Bertsch and Susan Yellin, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Recess Is Over! (978-1-4392-5834-7) by Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg and Not Applicable (illustrator), CreateSpace
Setting up Classroom Spaces That Support Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders (978-1-934575-68-0) by Susan Kabot, Ed. D., CCC-SLP and Christine Reeve, Ph.D., BCBA-D, AAPC Publishing
The Five-Year Party (978-1-935251-80-4) by Craig Brandon, BenBella Books
The Flat World and Education (978-0-8077-4962-3) by Linda Darling-Hammond, Teachers College Press
To Teach (978-0-8077-5062-9) by William Ayers and Ryan Alexander-Tanner (illustrator), Teachers College Press
Why Choose the Liberal Arts? (978-0-268-04032-1) by Mark William Roche, University of Notre Dame Press
Coming Climate Crisis? (978-0-7425-5615-7) by Claire L. Parkinson, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Disaster On the Horizon (978-1-60358-316-9) by Bob Cavnar, Chelsea Green Publishing
Eradicating Ecocide (978-0-85683-275-8) by Polly Higgins, Shepheard-Walwyn
Fast Forward (978-0-8157-0469-0) by William Antholis and Strobe Talbott, Brookings Institution Press
Moral Ground (978-1-59534-066-5) by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, Trinity University Press
Tending to Eden (978-0-8170-1572-5) by Scott C. Sabin, Judson Press
The Climate Fix (978-0-465-02052-2) by Roger Pielke, Basic Books
Twelve by Twelve (978-1-57731-897-2) by William Powers, New World Library
Unearthed (978-0-268-04136-6) by Kenneth M. Sayre, University of Notre Dame Press
Writing In Dust (978-1-55458-218-1) by Jenny Kerber, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
An American Map (978-0-8143-3420-1) by Anne-Marie Oomen, Wayne State University Press
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