Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2007 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

Gay & Lesbian
Carnal Sacraments (978-1-892149-05-3) by Perry Brass, Belhue Press
Circle of Circumstances (978-1-889743-64-6) by Christine A. Colfer, Marketing New
Naked in the Rain (978-0-9778738-0-7) by Eowyn Wood, Crooked Hills Publishing
The Handyman's Reality (978-1-4259-9746-5) by Nick Poff, AuthorHouse
A Hint of Homosexuality? (978-1-4257-6466-1) by Bruce H. Joffe, Xlibris
A Trial of One (978-0-595-44571-4) by Mary E. Martin, iUniverse
And Silent Left the Place (978-0-931846-86-1) by Elizabeth Bruce, Washington Writers' Publishing House
Anima Mundi (978-0-9754444-4-3) by Susanna Tamaro, Autumn Hill Books
Another Sommer Time Story Series (978-1-57537-093-4) by Carl Sommer, Advance Publishing
Away (978-1-59887-521-8) by Amy Bloom; read by Barbara Rosenblat, HighBridge
Becoming What You Want to See in the World (978-0-9772566-1-7) by Mary Claire O'Neal, River Birch Publishing
Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film (Second Edition) (978-0-9748118-7-1) by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, Blood Moon Productions
Bloody Jack (978-1-59316-094-4) by L.A. Meyer and narrator: Katherine Kellgren (illustrator), Listen & Live Audio
Boombox (978-0-89733-558-4) by Gabriel Cohen, Academy Chicago Publishers
Caspian Rain (978-1-59692-251-8) by Gina B. Nahai, MacAdam/Cage Publishing
Connection Parenting (978-1-932279-84-9) by Pam Leo, Wyatt-MacKenzie
Cottonwood Winter, A Christmas Story (978-0-9744206-3-9) by Gary Slaughter, Fletcher House
Dekok and Murder on Blood Mountain (978-1-933108-13-1) by A.C. Banter, Fulcrum Publishing/Speck Press
El Zarco, The Blue-eyed Bandit (978-0-930829-61-2) by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Helen Lane Editions, Lumen Books
Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star (978-1-59038-764-1) by Brandon Mull, Shadow Mountain
Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer Vol 1 (978-1-890834-38-8) by Jack Fritscher and Mark Hemry (editor), Palm Drive Publishing
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (978-0-9754444-6-7) by Slobodan Novak, Autumn Hill Books
Good Night, My Darling (978-1-929355-37-2) by Inger Frimansson, Caravel/Pleasure Boat Studio
King of Nod (978-0-615-13315-7) by Scott Fad, Monogram Books
Play Dead (978-1-59316-097-5) by David Rosenfelt and Grover Gardner (narrator), Listen and Live Audio
Pontoon (978-1-59887-522-5) by Garrison Keillor; read by the author, HighBridge
Shadows of Your Black Memory (978-0-9748881-2-5) by Donato Ndongo;translated by Michael Ugarte, Swan Isle Press
Siege at Sorrel Rift (978-0-9794553-0-8) by Veronica Paulina, Hague Clinton
Snippets From the Trenches (978-1-4196-5713-9) by Freda Wagman, BookSurge
Tell Me How You Love The Picture (978-0-9779131-0-7) by Edward S Feldman with Tom Barton read by Christian Hoff, Creative Book Publishers International
Terror Counter Terror (978-0-595-34888-6) by Steve Pieczenik, iUniverse
The Book of Marie (978-0-88146-082-7) by Terry Kay, Mercer University Press
The Brides of March (978-0-595-43987-4) by Beren deMotier, iUniverse
The Entitled (978-1-4022-0896-6) by Frank Deford, Sourcebooks Landmark
The Mulligan (978-0-9746370-2-0) by Nathan Jorgenson, Flat Rock Publishing
The Spanish Teacher (978-1-928589-37-2) by Barbara de la Cuesta, Gival Press
The Violinist (978-1-57966-071-0) by Robert S. Kahn, River City Publishing
The Wednesday Letters (978-1-59038-835-8) by Jason F. Wright, Shadow Mountain
The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible (978-0-7180-2424-6) by New King James Version, Thomas Nelson
Theme Song for an Old Show (978-1-59051-233-3) by Jeffrey Lewis, Other Press
Twinkie, Deconstructed (978-1-59316-099-9) by Steve Ettlinger, Listen & Live Audio, Inc.
Watermelon Syrup (978-1-55458-005-7) by Annie Jacobsen, Jane Finlay-Young, and Di Brandt, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
When the Mob Ran Vegas (978-0-9770658-1-3) by Steve Fischer, Berkline Press
Zigzag Through the Bitter Orange Trees (978-1-56656-661-2) by Ersi Sotiropoulos, translator: Peter Green, Interlink Books
An Angry Drum Echoed (978-0-9685097-7-7) by Pamela Bauer Mueller, Pinata Publishing
Avenging Victorio (978-1-890689-26-1) by Dave DeWitt, Rio Grande Books
Clouds Over Mountains (978-1-4259-7877-8) by Matt Joseph
Fug 10 (978-1-59663-782-5) by Jay Osman, James A. Rock & Company
Harpsong (978-0-8061-3823-7) by Rilla Askew, University of Oklahoma Press
Massacre at Pilgrim's Pass (978-1-4196-6853-1) by Tim Lister, BookSurge
Never Grow Old (978-0-595-42983-7) by Brian Trent, iUniverse
Never Surrender (978-1-4022-1044-0) by Michael Dobbs, Sourcebooks Landmark
Paper Children (978-1-58776-864-4) by Marcia Fine, Hudson House
Remember Me (978-0-8254-3672-7) by Maureen Lang, Kregel Publications
The Last Boat (978-0-595-67962-1) by Michael Hite, iUniverse
The New Bedford Samurai (978-1-931201-92-6) by Anca Vlasopolos, Twilight Times Books
Trail of the Red Butterfly (978-0-89672-617-8) by Karl H. Schlesier, Texas Tech University Press
Turpentine (978-0-8021-7036-1) by Spring Warren, Black Cat
Cluck (978-1-4196-8264-3) by Eric D Knapp and Ian Richard Miller (illustrator), BookSurge
Footfalls (978-0-9800821-3-5) by Eddie Gresham, 23rd St Publishing
Gabriele Caccini (978-1-4259-6656-0) by Paigan Stone and Alison Kinchuck (illustrator), AuthorHouse
Shadow Faces (978-0-595-39725-9) by Rayce Bannon, iUniverse
A Passion in the Desert (978-1-877655-52-4) by Thomas E. Kennedy, Wordcraft of Oregon
Absolution (978-0-9760963-9-9) by Miriam Herin, Novello Festival Press
Breathing Out the Ghost (978-1-57966-070-3) by Kirk Curnutt, River City Publishing
Lula Musing (978-0-595-43632-3) by Meg Nola, iUniverse
Man Gone Down (978-0-8021-7029-3) by Michael Thomas, Black Cat
Mercy (978-1-59051-271-5) by Lara Santoro, Other Press
Mississippi Flyway (978-1-58348-284-1) by Nel Rand, iUniverse
Osaka Heat (978-1-4259-9082-4) by Mary Claire Mahaney, AuthorHouse
Soucouyant (978-1-55152-226-5) by David Chariandy, Arsenal Pulp Press
The Amputated Memory (978-1-55861-555-7) by Werewere Liking, The Feminist Press at C.U.N.Y
The Blackstone Commentaries (978-0-89587-345-3) by Rob Riggan, John F. Blair, Publisher
The Folded World (978-1-59051-248-7) by Amity Gaige, Other Press
The Interloper (978-1-59051-263-0) by Antoine Wilson, Other Press
The Ocean in the Closet (978-1-56689-194-3) by Yuko Taniguchi, Coffee House Press
A Grave Breach (978-1-933515-07-6) by James Macomber, Oceanview Publishing
Effigies (978-1-59058-454-5) by Mary Anna Evans, Poisoned Pen Press
Ladykiller (978-1-933515-05-2) by Lawrence Light and Meredith Anthony, Oceanview Publishing
Lye in Wait (978-0-7387-1116-4) by Cricket McRae, Midnight Ink/Llewellyn
Noble Lies (978-1-59058-450-7) by Charles Benoit, Poisoned Pen Press
Son of the Ripper! (978-0-615-15019-2) by Patrick Glendon McCullough, Lethe Bank Press
Stuff to Die For (978-1-933515-10-6) by Don Bruns, Oceanview
The Castro Gene (978-1-933515-06-9) by Todd Buchholz, Oceanview Publishing
The Cutting Season (978-1-59439-082-1) by Arthur Rosenfeld, YMAA Publication Center
The Death of the Little Match Girl (978-0-9754444-5-0) by Zoran Feric, Autumn Hill Books
The Lady from Buenos Aires (978-1-55885-496-3) by John Lantigua, Arte Pblico Press
The One Minute Assassin (978-0-9776276-4-6) by Troy Cook, Capital Crime Press
Twisted Justice (978-1-933515-08-3) by Patricia Gussin, Oceanview Publishing
Witness by the Church (978-0-595-45502-7) by Gini Anding, iUniverse, Inc.
Chan Heart, Chan Art (978-1-932293-23-4) by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, Gao Ertai (illustrator), and Pu Xiaoyu (illustrator), Buddha's Light Publication
Demon: A Memoir (978-1-60006-123-3) by Tosca Lee, NavPress
Doesn't She Look Natural? (978-1-4143-1169-2) by Angela Hunt, Tyndale House
Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys (978-1-59955-075-6) by Janet Kay Jensen, Cedar Fort
Judas (978-1-4343-0226-7) by Frederick Ramsay and Eleanor Ramsay-cover (illustrator), AuthorHouse
Mr. Inside (978-1-934080-01-6) by L. Frank James, The Salt Works
Saving Erasmus (978-1-55725-498-6) by Steven Cleaver, Paraclete Press
The Master of Secrets (978-1-57174-538-5) by D.S. Lliteratas, Hampton Roads
The Rozabal Line (978-1-4303-2754-7) by Shawn Haigins, Lulu
The Twelfth Window (978-1-4343-1486-4) by J.M. Norwood and n/a, cover design by Sharon Norwood (illustrator), AuthorHouse
Veil of Fire (978-1-58919-077-1) by Marlo Schalesky, Cook Communications
A Gentle Rain (978-0-9768760-7-6) by Deborah Smith, BelleBooks
Child Secrets (978-1-58436-003-2) by Mara Purl, Haven Books
Flashback (978-0-595-41271-6) by D. A. Welch, iUniverse
Lord of the Fading Lands (978-0-8439-5977-2) by C.L. Wilson, Dorchester Publishing
No Regrets (978-1-4022-1016-7) by Michele Ann Young, Sourcebooks Casablanca
Snow Angel (978-0-8054-4533-6) by Jamie Carie, B&H Publishing Group
The Truth About Fairy Tales (978-1-4196-6293-5) by KT Casha, BookSurge
The Vengeance Trap (978-0-9787658-1-1) by A.L. Hansen, Axel Hansen, and Linda Hansen, Ophir Publishing
Ti Marie (978-0-595-44042-9) by Valerie Belgrave, iUniverse
To My Senses (978-1-4196-6111-2) by Alexandrea Weis, book surge
Whispers From the Grave (978-0-9716790-5-4) by Kim Murphy, Coachlight Press
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Discipline (978-0-9790842-0-1) by Paco Ahlgren, Greenleaf Book Group
Dream of the Dragon Pool (978-1-929355-34-1) by Albert A. Dalia, Pleasure Boat Studio: A Literary Press
Heroes Arise (978-0-9772081-4-2) by Laurel Anne Hill, KOMENAR Publishing
Nexus Point (978-0-9726007-3-6) by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
Red Moon (978-1-4259-8382-6) by Troy Patoine and Author House (illustrator), Author House
Sky-Water Blue (978-1-4343-0660-9) by Keith Jones, AuthorHouse
The Crown Conspiracy (978-0-9796211-3-0) by Michael James Sullivan and Winston Stewart (illustrator), Ridan Publishing
The Legacy of Ogma (978-0-595-46404-3) by E. A. Rappaport, iUniverse
The Wisdom Keepers (978-0-595-38097-8) by Kaye Linden, iUniverse
Twisted Tails II: Time on our Hands (978-1-55404-434-4) by J. Richard Jacobs (Editor), Double Dragon Publishing
Virtual Evil (978-1-896944-76-0) by Jana G. Oliver, Dragon Moon Press
Short Stories
A Garden amid Fires (978-1-886157-58-3) by Gladys Swan, BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City
All Over (978-0-9793123-0-4) by Roy Kesey, Dzanc Books
Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures (978-1-60286-000-1) by Vincent Lam, Weinstein Books
Dream Lives of Butterflies (978-1-886157-59-0) by Jaimee Wriston Colbert, BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Eight Dogs Named Jack (978-1-879094-79-6) by Joe Borri (author, illustrator), Momentum Books
Fourteen Stories (978-0-87338-894-8) by Jay Baruch, The Kent State University Press
Jesus in the Mist (978-1-57003-699-6) by Paul Ruffin, University of South Carolina Press
Long After Fathers (978-1-55050-358-6) by Roberta Rees, Coteau Books
Migrations and Other Stories (978-1-55885-499-4) by Lisa Hernandez, Arte Publico Press
Some of Tim's Stories (978-0-8061-3835-0) by S.E. Hinton, University of Oklahoma Press
The Inheritance of Exile (978-0-268-03503-7) by Susan Muaddi Darraj, University of Notre Dame Press
The Way Things Always Happen Here (978-1-933202-19-8) by Kevin Stewart, Vandalia Press/West Virginia University Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Instant Karma (978-0-9796255-0-3) by Wayne Sheldrake, Ghost Road Press
Make the Most of Your Time on Earth (978-1-84353-925-4) by Various, Rough Guides
The Fish House Book (978-0-9765890-2-0) by Kathryn Nordstrom, Dovetailed Press
Black Scholars on the Line (978-0-268-03080-3) by Edited by Jonathan Scott Holloway and Ben Keppel, University of Notre Dame Press
First Person Queer (978-1-55152-227-2) by Labonte/Schimel, Arsenal Pulp Press
Heartbeat for Horses (978-1-59543-443-2) by Edited by Laura Chester and Photography by Donna DeMari (illustrator), Willow Creek Press
Lines of Velocity (978-0-9741251-5-2) by Keren Taylor, editor, WriteGirl Publications
Poetry Speaks Expanded (978-1-4022-1062-4) by Elise Paschen and Rebekah Presson Mosby, Sourcebooks MediaFusion
Sacred Secrets (978-0-87159-322-1) by Paula Godwin Coppel, Unity House
The Ringing Ear (978-0-8203-2926-0) by Nikky Finney, University of Georgia Press
The Secret of Salt: an indigenous journal (978-1-234-56789-7) by edited by Kimberly Narenkivicius and Cricket Desmarais, Flying Fish Press
The World's Best Memoir Writing (978-1-4022-0975-8) by Eve Claxton, Sourcebooks
Twisted Tails II: Time on our Hands (978-1-55404-434-4) by J. Richard Jacobs (Editor), Double Dragon Publishing
Women Writing Africa (978-1-55861-534-2) by Amandina Lihamba, Fulata Moyo, Mugaybuso Mulokozi, Naomi Shitemi, and Saida Yahya-Othman, Feminist Press at CUNY
China's Sacred Sites (978-0-89389-262-3) by Nan Shunxun and Beverly Foit-Albert, Himalayan Institute Press
Inspirations from France and Italy (978-1-4236-0205-7) by Betty Lou Phillips, Gibbs Smith, Publisher
A Century of Retablos (978-1-55595-273-0) by Charles M. Carrillo and Thomas J. Steele, S.J, Hudson Hills Press
Art of the Classical World in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (978-1-58839-219-0) by Carlos A. Picon, Joan R. Mertens, Elizabeth J. Milleker, Christopher S. Lightfoot, and Sean Hemingway, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Earthscapture (978-1-55595-281-5) by Russell Means and Roger Yee, Hudson Hills Press
Poiret (978-1-58839-223-7) by Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tapestry in the Baroque (978-1-58839-229-9) by Thomas P. Campbell (ed.), The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The History of Venice in Painting (978-0-7892-0933-7) by Georges Duby and Guy Lobrichon, Abbeville Press
Autobiography & Memoir
163256 A Memoir of Resistance (978-1-55458-009-5) by Michael Englishman, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Becoming Alice (978-0-595-40339-4) by Alice Rene, iUniverse
Boxing For Cuba (978-0-9789456-0-2) by Guillermo Vidal, Ghost Road Press
Comfort Food For Breakups (978-1-55152-219-7) by Marusya Bociurkiw, Arsenal Pulp Press
Crossing the Yard (978-0-8165-2595-9) by Richard Shelton and n/a (illustrator), University of Arizona Press
Dough: A Memoir (978-0-8203-2934-5) by Mort Zachter, University of Georgia Press
Dream Not of Other Worlds (978-0-87745-996-5) by Huston Diehl, University of Iowa Press
From Japan With Love (978-0-9798757-1-7) by Mary A. Ruggieri, Portsmouth Publishing
Giuseppe Panza (978-0-7892-0943-6) by Giuseppe Panza, Abbeville Press
Hard Passage (978-0-88864-473-2) by Arthur Kroeger, University of Alberta Press
Held At A Distance (978-0-89733-556-0) by Rebecca G Haile, Academy Chicago Publishers
Irmgard's Flute (978-0-9795485-0-5) by Bernard W. Bail, The Masters Publishing
Loyal to the Sky (978-1-57675-392-7) by Marisa Handler, Berrett-Koehler
Regina's Closet (978-0-8253-0575-7) by Diana M. Raab, Beaufort Books
Rock Me On the Water (978-0-9760539-1-0) by Renny Russell, Animist Press
So This is War (978-1-4343-0451-3) by Craig T. Olson, AuthorHouse
The Knock at the Door (978-0-8253-0512-2) by Margaret Ajemian Ahnert, Beaufort Books
When Huai Flowers Bloom (978-0-7914-7231-6) by Shu Jiang Lu, SUNY Press
Citizen Moore (978-1-57143-163-9) by Roger Rapoport, RDR Books
Jacko, His Rise and Fall (978-0-9748118-5-7) by Darwin PORTER, Blood Moon Productions
John Stark: Maverick General (978-0-9789123-0-7) by Ben Z. Rose, TreeLine Press
Meredith Nicholson: A Writing Life (978-0-87195-257-8) by Ralph D. Gray, Indiana Historical Society Press
Midday with Bunuel (978-0-9748881-3-2) by Claudio Isaac; translated by Bryan T. Scoular, Swan Isle Press
Say It With Music (978-0-9798332-0-5) by Barbara Seuling, Boxing Day Books
Shooting Star (978-1-879094-78-9) by Alana Paluszewski, Momentum Books
The House That Love Built (978-1-57174-546-0) by Bettie B. Youngs, Hampton Roads
The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor (978-1-933392-63-9) by Les Leopold, Chelsea Green Publishing
Tour de Life (978-0-9748492-2-5) by Dave Shields, Three Story Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Celestial Gallery (Shelf Edition) (978-1-60109-006-5) by Romio Shrestha (author, illustrator), Mandala Publishing
Downward Dogs and Warriors (978-0-89389-266-1) by Zo Newell, Himalayan Institute Press
Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds (978-1-57075-738-9) by Victor M. Parachin, Orbis Books
God in Your Body (978-1-58023-304-0) by Jay Michaelson, Jewish Lights
Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want (978-0-9789606-1-2) by Dale L. Goldstein LCSW and Richard Wehrman (illustrator), Heartwork Institute (self published)
Humble Table, Wise Fare 1 (978-1-932293-25-8) by Venerable Master Hsing Yun and Venerable Won Sung (illustrator), Buddha's Light Publishing
Mentally Speaking (978-0-9781956-0-1) by Stephen B. Stokl, self
Sacred Land (978-0-7387-1146-1) by Clea Danaan, Llewellyn
Sacred Space, Sacred Sound (978-0-8356-0856-5) by Susan Elizabeth Hale, Quest Books
Seven Days (978-0-595-46373-2) by A Memoir, iUniverse
Spiritual Capitalism (978-0-9761984-2-0) by Monika Mitchell Ressler and Peter Ressler, Chilmark Books
The Genie in Your Genes (978-1-60070-022-4) by Dawson Church, Elite Books
The Human Antenna (978-1-60415-014-8) by Dr. Robin Kelly, Energy Psychology Press
The Open-Focus Brain (978-1-59030-376-4) by Les Fehmi, PhD, and Jim Robbins, Trumpeter Books/Shambhala
The Rest Of Your Life (978-1-893020-43-6) by John-Roger, D.S.S. with Paul Kaye, D.S.S., Mandeville Press
Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic (978-1-58348-876-8) by Darren Main, iUniverse
Business & Economics
30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers (978-0-8144-0915-2) by Bruce L. Katcher, AMACOM Books
Apples Are Square (978-1-4195-9392-5) by Susan Smith Kuczmarski and Thomas D. Kuczmarski, Kaplan Publishing
Branded! (978-0-86571-579-0) by Michael E. Conroy, New Society Publishers
Building Leaders the West Point Way (978-0-7852-2164-7) by Joseph P. Franklin, Thomas Nelson
For Executives Only (978-0-944054-12-3) by Bill Belknap and Helene Seiler, Five O'Clock Books
Get Smarter (978-1-55263-942-9) by Seymour Schulich, Key Porter Books
Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity (978-0-300-10941-2) by William J. Baumol, et al., Yale University Press
Hedge Hunters (978-1-57660-245-4) by Katherine Burton, Bloomberg Press
Lasting Contribution (978-1-932841-29-9) by Tad Waddington, Agate B2
Little Red Book of China Business (978-1-4022-0911-6) by Sheila Melvin, Sourcebooks
Power in Policy (978-0-940069-45-9) by Edited by David F. Arons, Fieldstone Alliance
The Age of Speed (978-1-885167-67-5) by Vince Poscente, Bard Press
The Mindful Leader (978-1-59030-347-4) by Michael Carroll, Trumpeter
The New Influencers (978-1-884956-65-2) by Paul Gillin, Quill Driver Books/Word Dancer Press
The Speculation Economy (978-1-57675-400-9) by Lawrence E. Mitchell, Berrett-Koehler
World, Inc (978-1-4022-0871-3) by Bruce Piasecki, Sourcebooks
A Book is Born (978-1-932279-50-4) by Nancy C. Cleary, Wyatt-MacKenzie
From Prison to Paycheck (978-0-9794294-9-1) by Pam Hogan, Community Press
How to Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent in Your First Year (978-1-60138-041-8) by Susan Smith Alvis, Atlantic Publishing Company
How to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales (978-0-9786070-1-2) by Tom Ruff, Waverly Press
Making a Living While Making a Difference (978-0-86571-591-2) by Melissa Everett, New Society Publishers
Rethinking Work (978-0-89106-230-1) by Cliff Hakim, Davies-Black Publishing
The Book of U.S. Government Jobs (978-0-943641-26-3) by Dennis V. Damp, Bookhaven Press; distributed by Midpoint
The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction (978-1-896944-39-5) by Dave A. Law & Darin Park, Editors, Dragon Moon Press
The New Writer's Handbook 2007 (978-0-9765201-6-0) by Philip Martin (author, editor), Scarletta Press
The Part-Time Real Estate Investor (978-0-910627-02-3) by Dan Blacharski, Atlantic Publishing
The Restaurant Manager's Handbook (978-0-910627-97-9) by Douglas Brown, Atlantic Publishing Company
Your Career, Your Way! (978-1-59594-042-1) by Lisa Quast, WingSpan Press
500 Pies and Tarts (978-1-56906-984-4) by Rebecca Baugniet, Sellers Publishing
Eat, Drink and Be Vegan (978-1-55152-224-1) by Dreena Burton, Arsenal Pulp Press
Honga's Lotus Petal (978-1-58685-893-3) by Honga Im Hopgood, Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Marshes to Mansions (978-0-9607524-4-7) by The Junior League of Lake Charles, Favorite Recipe Press
Modern Caribbean Cuisine (978-1-56656-653-7) by Wendy Rahamut and Photography: Michael Bonaparte (illustrator), Interlink Books
New World Provence (978-1-55152-223-4) by Quaglia, Arsenal Pulp Press
Sober Celebrations (978-1-59624-028-5) by Liz Scott, Cleveland Clinic Press
Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet (978-1-60286-006-3) by Padma Lakshmi, Weinstein Books
Tastes and Treasures (978-0-9768363-0-8) by Historical League, Historical League
The Calcutta Kitchen (978-1-56656-671-1) by Udit Sarkhel & Simon Parkes and Jason Lowe (illustrator), Interlink Books
The Deen Brothers Cookbook (978-0-696-23396-8) by Jamie and Bobby Deen and Melissa Clark, Meredith Books
Union Oyster House Cookbook (978-0-9786899-1-9) by Jean Kerr and Spencer Smith, Seapoint Books
Vegetables (978-0-86730-918-8) by The Culinary Institute of America, Lebhar-Friedman Books
Where People Feast (978-1-55152-221-0) by Dolly and Annie Watts, Arsenal Pulp Press
Crafts & Hobbies
200 Creative Crafts for You and Your Home (978-1-56906-982-0) by Edited by Megan Hiller, Sellers Publishing
American Quilts and Coverlets in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (978-0-9797400-0-8) by Amelia Peck, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Discovering Black Bears (978-0-941042-37-6) by Karen Stephenson, Margaret Anderson, Nancy Field, and Michael Maydak (illustrator), Dog-Eared Publications
Ethnic Knitting Discovery (978-0-9668289-3-1) by Donna Druchunas and Gayle Ford, Joyce M. Turley, Deborah Robson (illustrator), Nomad Press
Finding Indiana Ancestors (978-0-87195-203-5) by M. Teresa Baer, IHS Press
Fresh Felt Flowers (978-1-57120-415-8) by Lynne Farris, C&T Publishing
Make it You - Your Space (978-1-57120-421-9) by Shannon Mullen, C&T Publishing
The Color Book of Beaded Jewelry (978-1-58011-348-9) by Genevieve Sterbenz, Creative Homeowner
The Dancers Book of Ballet Crafts (978-1-58011-353-3) by Christina Aleta Haskin, Creative Homeowner
The Drawing Breakthrough Book (978-0-9749418-2-0) by John Hastings, Draw 3 Lines Publishing
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68 Knots (978-1-933718-14-9) by Michael Robert Evans, Tanglewood
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