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The Gravity of Us

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This sweet, witty love story will put stars in your eyes as two teens find solace in one another within a maelstrom of activity and intrigue surrounding a NASA mission to Mars. Phil Stamper makes his much-anticipated debut with The Gravity of Us, a young adult novel following two teenage boys as their lives are uprooted and dropped in Houston, Texas, when their parents are selected to join a mission to Mars. Cal, an aspiring journalist and rising social media star, is loath to leave Brooklyn when his pilot father gets the news, but finds Houston, too, has its charms—chief among them being Leon, whose mother has also been chosen for the team. Overwhelmed by the three-ring media circus surrounding the mission, as well as the increasing tension between his parents, Cal finds respite in his time spent with Leon, and their relationship swiftly blossoms into a romance. But when Cal’s journalist’s nose smells something sinister brewing behind the scenes of the mission, the truth will not come without a price. The Gravity of Us is a heartwarming novel about first loves, family, and blooming where you’re planted.

The Gravity of Us
Phil Stamper
Hardcover $17.99 (352pp)

Danielle Ballantyne

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