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Some Insight on our New Insights Blog

There’s a shared love of summer throughout the publishing industry. In that lull between ALA Annual and The Beijing Book Fair, between summer reading promos and back-to-school, between our Summer and Fall issues, we, as an industry, tend to treat summer as down time. With half-day Fridays and beach vacations it’s easy to consider these months slow, except we all know that they’re anything but.

Maybe it’s because we do our best thinking over alfresco lunches, or because all those upcoming deadlines seem far away, but it seems our real love of summer is in its ability to let us be at our most productive. We are very, very proud of the productive summer we’re having at Foreword Reviews, and this Insight that you’re currently reading is one of the very reasons why.

What are Insights? The simple explanation is that it is our new publisher, author, and industry facing blog (paired with the rebranded Foresights blog, which will continue to feature our usual run of great reader-focused content). A more detailed explanation can be found in our powerful new mission statement:

We believe in the power of books to change the world, that all voices should be heard, and all publishers should find their readers.

The Insights blog will focus on content that supports indie publishers and authors, with education, opportunities, industry knowledge, and more, coming both from us at Foreword and beyond. The goal of Insights is not only to let you know what’s new at Foreword (there will be plenty of that), but also to keep you informed on the industry through Q&As with publishing leaders, guest blogs from prominent thinkers, and insights from the audience we serve (the same audience that you want to reach).

Through helping you find your readers, we all will increase the power of books to change the world.

Seth Dellon
Seth Dellon is director of audience development at Foreword Reviews. You can meet him or hear him speak at most of the events Foreword attends, and contact him at

Seth Dellon

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