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Mission: “NavPress exists as the publishing arm of the Navigators, whose motto is “To know Christ and to make Him Known”. We serve to advance the calling of the Navigators by publishing life changing products that are Biblically rooted, culturally relevant and highly practical. We seek out works that are for clear-thinking, disciplined followers of Christ who are looking to grow spiritually. NavPress provides life-transforming resources that will edify, instruct and inspire.”

Founder: Dawson Trotman

Year Founded: 1975


Brave Enough to Follow What Jesus Can Do When You Keep Your Eyes on Him by Stuart Briscoe

A Minute of Margin: Restoring Balance to Overloaded Lives by Richard A. Swenson

Sticking Up for Who I Am: Answers to the Emotional Issues Teenagers Raise by Gwendolyn Mitchell Diaz

Executive Influence: Impacting Your Workplace for Christ by Christopher A. Crane & Mike Hamel

Soul Guide: Following Jesus As Spiritual Director by Bruce Demarest

Deceived by Shame, Desired by God: Women of Wisdom Series by Cynthia Spell Humbert

Great Expectations: An Interactive Guide to Your First Year of Marriage by Joanne Heim & Toben Heim


Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee. 2008 BRONZE Winner for Religious

Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee. 2007 SILVER Winner for Religious

Creation as Science: A Testable Model Approach to End the Creation/Evolution Wars by Hugh Ross

Who Was Adam? A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Man by Fazale Rana, Ph.D. with Hugh Ross

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