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Mission and genres: Lonely Planet’s mission is to “tell it like it is, without fear or favour.” Their authors are real-life travelers with real-life experience. They publish travel books that were written by authors who actually went to the places they write about.

Founders: Tony and Maureen Wheeler

First Book Published: Across Asia on the Cheap by Tony and Maureen Wheeler

Books Published: Over 120 million books


The World’s Best Brunches: Where to Find Them and How to Make Them by Lonely Planet

Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See…Ranked by Lonely Planet

An Innocent Abroad: Life-Changing Trips from 35 Great Writers Edited by Don George

Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures by Alistair Humphreys

Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World by Lonely Planet

Jaywalking with the Irish by David Monagan


The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel by Rachael Antony and Joel Henry. 2005 GOLD Winner for Travel Essays

Code Green: Experiences of a Lifetime by Kerry Lorimer. 2006 BRONZE Winner for Environment

New York City by Beth Greenfield, Robert Reid, & Ginger Adams Otis

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