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Not not

Editor’s Note: This poem by Felicia Zamora is being presented as part of our special focus on poetry during #PoetryMonth in April. Please read our introduction to the series.

of form & gather
Bumblebee against asphalt; we all carry
contrast in our gait; to open a door & find
not a room at all, instead a grove of
orange trees & how

in our mouths nothing rhymes with orange

& outside our mouth nothing rhymes
either; & so goes obsessions with
contours; say design; think Frost’s white moth;
say me me; think if only

this heart drew collages, stills of, to be child &
not; to let landscape witness you; to find a
lighthouse not yours; to make it so; to
unravel with desire; any skeletal part of; &
to notice bees in odd places, not

not a simple bee; to invert wonder;

Copyright 2017 University of Notre Dame Press. Used with Permission

Foreword Reviews

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