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Adventure Awaits in 5 New Picture Books

Adventure Books

It doesn’t take much to spark an adventure: the right blend of imagination and spunk is a great first step, and a plucky animal companion always helps. In these children’s books from our new Winter 2017 issue, with settings that range from a magical forest to a little girl’s backyard, kids learn that the next bit of wonder may be as close as a turn away.

Wisteria Jane’s dog is blamed for getting her into trouble; those who flit around Peaseblossom Woods are always ready to help animals out. A magical rooster helps a child on a perilous journey; two young girls bike their way toward a woodland creature concert. These are fantastic, colorful, and inspiring escapades—even hiding Heidi won’t want to miss out!

Hiding Heidi

Book Cover
Fiona Woodcock
Little Bee Books
Hardcover $16.99 (32pp)
Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon

Heidi is very good at hide-and-seek. She and her friends play again and again, and Heidi always wins. They even play at Heidi’s birthday party, but when her friends are unable to find her, they continue the party without her. Soon after, Heidi becomes enthusiastic about trying other games and discovers that her friends all have something that they are very good at too. With a simple story and charming illustrations, the book teaches children ages four to eight that letting friends shine can be just as satisfying as always being the center of attention.


Bingo Did It!

Book Cover
Amber Harris
Ard Hoyt, illustrator
Redleaf Lane
Unknown $16.95 (32pp)
Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon

Bingo Did It! shares a humorous and relatable story about a little girl and her pet dog. Wisteria Jane and Bingo play all kinds of fun, imaginative games, but Wisty likes to blame Bingo when things go wrong. The story offers a gentle lesson about taking personal responsibility; perfect for the intended age group of three to eight. The accompanying illustrations are appealing, expressing both action and emotion while still matching the soft tone of the story.


Chirri & Chirra

Book Cover
Kaya Doi
Enchanted Lion Books
Hardcover $15.95 (40pp)
Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon

Chirri and Chirra introduces the world to two young girls and the adventures they take on their bicycles. Translated from Japanese, the book is innocent and charming and whimsical. As the girls travel through the lushly illustrated forest full of bright colors and adorable creatures, they experience the world around them, drinking, eating, swimming, and napping their way through the day. The book ends with a delightful concert of woodland creatures that will appeal to all ages, but particularly to those ages three to eight.



Adventures in Peaseblossom Woods

Book Cover
Janey Louise Jones
Jennie Poh, illustrator
Softcover $6.95 (192pp)
Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon

Superfairies is a fun set of four stories, one for each season of the year. The four fairies—Star, Berry, Rose, and Silk—tend to the animals around Peaseblossom Woods, rescuing them from whatever trouble they get into. The enchanting stories are accompanied by whimsical illustrations of the fairies and their animal friends. Children ages five to eight will be thoroughly entertained and may not even notice that they are practicing their reading skills.


The Magical Rooster

Stories of the Chinese Zodiac, A Tale in English and Chinese

Book Cover
Li Jian
Yijin Wert, translator
Shanghai Press
Hardcover $16.95 (42pp)
Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon

The Magical Rooster tells the story of Tang Yun, who must travel a long way to the capital city to take the Imperial Exam. Distressed by the idea of her son traveling thousands of miles, his mother embroiders a rooster on her son’s clothing to watch over him on his journey. Whenever he is in need, the rooster comes to life and protects him. The story is beautifully told and illustrated and reflects Chinese culture and style, with the text written in both English and Chinese. Intended for children ages four to eight, it will be appreciated by all ages.


Michelle Anne Schingler

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