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  • Book of the Day

    The Execution of God

    Hood finds human-shaped hope even in the desperate landscape of a death-penalty-obsessed culture.

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  • A Funny Cancer Memoir is Tragedy Plus Time

    Writing a cancer memoir is difficult while you're inside the story, undergoing treatment. What does help, though, is writing down every thought, dark and light, to friends and family. Out of this came, for one author, a humorous cancer memoir.

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  • Want to Get a Child to Read? We Recommend These Books

    The saying goes “if you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” These books reviewed in our September/October 2017 issue will help any child learn to love reading.

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  • Company See Company Do

    Success Isn't Monkey Business

    This diverse collection of business books includes fascinating case studies of failed startup, a thriving financial organization, and more.

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  • Screw Cancer and the Sugar it Rode In On

    Here's what I learned when I was diagnosed with cancer. Sugar is cancer's go-to fuel—sugar in the form of grains and rice, potatoes, and other starches, as well as processed sugar, fruit juices, and honey. All that stuff is cancer food.

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Author Interview: Second Acts

by Foreword Reviews

Teri Emory, author of Second Acts This is your debut novel. But, with the combined wisdom and experience of your three protagonists, do you feel like you’ve been writing this book all your life? I’ve drawn on decades of experiences... Read More


Try the Indie Perspective on the Vietnam War

by Hannah Hohman

PBS has begun airing the new Ken Burns documentary, The Vietnam War, and along with it will come fresh debate on the war, its lessons, and also the way the war has been written about and portrayed in films and documentaries. Over the... Read More

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