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Book Review

You Better Be Lightning

by Matt Sutherland

When performing their poetry, sung on high stage, an ancient power is unleashed and listeners look to Andrea Gibson as divine. The first winner of the Women’s World Poetry Slam, Gibson is the queer author of How Poetry Can Change Your... Read More

Book Review

A Particular Madness

by Catherine Thureson

Sheldon Russell’s heartbreaking historical novel "A Particular Madness" is set in midcentury rural Oklahoma. Jacob is the second child in a poor farming family. Much of his childhood is spent in isolation. He has little interest in, or... Read More

Book Review

This Is Not Your Country

by Kristen Rabe

The poignant, masterful short stories in Amin Ahmad’s "This Is Not Your Country" describe the experiences of Indian immigrants struggling to find meaning and fulfillment in America. These powerful stories capture both the hard-won... Read More

Book Review

Justice at Sea

by Jeremiah Rood

Christian Klaver’s delightful fantasy novel "Justice at Sea" blends faerie magic with historical elements to spectacular effect. Justice, of the House of Thorns, is bound to the powerful faerie court through blood and tradition. She... Read More

Book Review

Word Travelers

by Aimee Jodoin

Raj Haldar and Neha Rawat’s Word Travelers and the Missing Mexican Molé is an exciting middle grade mystery. After trick-or-treating on Halloween, best friends MJ and Eddie see a candy bar in their haul whose label is misspelled. This... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

A boy and his grandfather are tasked with caring for a cat. While the boy is excited for their day together, the cat—an impassive smudge of gray who glides from page to page—resists his initial offers of food and play. Cats will be... Read More

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