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  • Book of the Day Roundup

    February 18-22, 2019

    Our weekly roundup of the Books of the Day.

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  • Womanish

    A Grown Black Woman Speaks on Love and Life

    An Interview with Author Kim McLarin

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  • Bologna 2019

    The best foreign rights exposure for children’s books publishers is the annual Bologna Children’s Book Fair. We welcome the opportunity to represent you.

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Book Review

Hell and Damnation

by Katie Asher

Marq de Villiers’s "Hell and Damnation" is a comprehensive guide to all things Hades, not to be left behind on the next trip to the underworld. Broken into four parts, "Hell and Damnation" answers standard journalistic questions to... Read More


The Road to Healing

by Matt Sutherland

Give it up for The Road to Healing: A Civil Rights Reparations Story in Prince Edward County, Virginia, detailing one of the most despicable episodes of government-sponsored racism ever to mar the reputation of our country. You should... Read More

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